Friday, August 2, 2013

A Little Bird Told Me

Look Closely

Woodpecker feeding on the ground

Just looking at one patch of sparsely vegetated dirt along the south fence, I watched several different types of birds, pecking and scratching up food. The day before, on the same parched patch, quail were scraping up something for dinner.

This unidentified bird was at the bird banquet, too

The woodpecker was an unexpected treat. After I studied it’s movements and table manners, I could see the resemblance to the mockingbird, blue jay, crow, raven family.

Scrub Jay listens and looks for a bug

Interesting article from the U.C. Berkeley News Center shows increase in violence and civil unrest is linked to global warming.

“Our results shed new light on how the future climate will shape human societies,” said Burke.  The findings of the study suggest that a global temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius could increase the rate of intergroup conflicts, such as civil wars, by over 50 percent in many parts of the world.

Did I mention raven?

Did we forget that email provides most of the features people use on Facebook?

Place friends and family addresses in a group folder, (or whatever your email service may call email address collections). When you address an email, click on that group and it will enter all those addresses.

Pretty roses awaiting pollinators

Want your friends and family see your cute baby’s first tooth picture? 

Send it in a ‘Friends and Family’ email with one click on the send button.

Irresistable to the right insect

Want to chat with people you know? Most email services have chat, (message, instant message, google chat, etc.), and they provide video chat capability, too.

Today’s Video;

In The Eye Of The Beholder

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