Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Gusto

From An Air Conditioned Perspective

In the pink

The roses continue to bloom for a day, or two, then shrivel up and turn to dust in the relentless Redding sunshine. I am glad I can record their brief, but beautiful, existence.

Quail scratches up food in a shady spot

The fresh tomato fairy left another baggie full of cherry tomatoes outside my door, along with some bing cherries. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the taste of bing cherries until I took a bite out of one of those fresh, ripe, dark beauties. Thank you, tomato and bing cherry fairy.

Still looks good to me

This week, we are having a cool spell. The high temperatures are only expected to be in the 90’s. I guess I better check the antifreeze in the Buick.

Something made a meal out of this guy’s tail

It was nice to watch Tiger Woods win last Sunday. It will be interesting to see if he wins the PGA championship this week. In case you didn’t know, you can follow Tiger as he plays his entire Thursday round, tomorrow morning on

Filled with promise

Have you ever noticed how some words in a song don’t really make sense because the writer couldn’t think of anything else that rhymed? I do.

I suppose that’s because I like to ‘be’ the words when I sing them.

Tiny butterfly stops to rest on a hot August day

The latest odd word that I am wrapping the notes around, is in the song, “Welcome To My World”. The songwriter needed a word that rhymes with ‘world’, and chose ‘unfurled’.

That would be perfect if he was writing about a flag.

Tiny bud on a driveway rosebush

The song is about a guy who has devoted his entire existence to the girl of his dreams and he says, “I’ll be waiting here. With my arms unfurled. Waiting just for you. Welcome to my world.”

I have tried to furl my arms, so I might unfurl them, but they don’t seem to furl very well.

From about 8 feet away

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Room For All

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