Friday, August 16, 2013

Not To Be Overlooked

Some Spare Imagery


The Shasta Blues Society Thursday night jam at Lulu’s is still on hold while the banquet room is renovated. The jams are set to resume on August 29th.

Thursday’s moon

Last night, I used the tripod that I got from my neighbor, Dean, to see just how much moon detail I could get with a solid, steady, industrial strength tripod and head. I like the results.

Outside Kathern’s gate

There were some pictures last week that were left out of the blogs, due to space and design restrictions. I thought I would take this opportunity to include them, today.

Lassen in the evening haze

Have you heard of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement? It’s no wonder. This bit of legislation will give away our country to multinational corporations and industries, and they don’t want the public, the press, or congress to see the plan. Hightower Lowdown

Looks 3 dimensional

Every so often, someone in a store, at the barbershop, or on the street, will say that they see me around town taking pictures, and they wonder what I am taking pictures of.

This crepe myrtle blossom, (above), is a good example. Outside banks, stores, shopping centers, and businesses of all sorts, someone has planted flowers, trees, and shrubs to make the place inviting.

Sometimes, the flowers are so striking, or picturesque, that I have to stop and take a few pictures. Like this one blossom out of the many on the trees that are in parking lot planters outside the Raley’s-ShopKo shopping center. I found it irresistible.

Vegetable rolls and ancient Rome

This mystery,The Ides Of April”, by Lindsey Davis, set in Rome, is a lot of fun to read. Click on the link for a comprehensive review.  

Still a treat to behold

There are still some Treehouse roses that are open for business, if you are a pollinator, photographer, or just like to admire their beauty.

Today’s Armchair Travel Video;

Heaven Is All Around Us

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