Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Beats Go On

And We Dance

Naked Ladies

I am told that the pink flowers are called naked ladies. I have never checked the reputable floral journals to be certain.

Hope beams on the horizon

I do read a few reputable journals, now and then. The Smithsonian has been a reputable source of information for many years, and for the most part, still presents fascinating views of history.

Screen shot of interactive map

This weekend, among their other features, they have an interactive map of San Francisco. Go try it out at the Smithsonian. You can use the magic viewer on a present day map to see what that area was like in the 1800’s, or visa-versa.

Sundial Bridge

It is a picture perfect holiday weekend, here in Redding. While I was out this afternoon, I stopped by the river, and the Sundial Bridge to take a few snapshots with the Lumix FZ35.

Drift boat fishing on the Sacramento river

It was only 98 today and tomorrow should barely break 100. Not bad. I like to get outside and enjoy these pleasant temperatures while we still have them.

This place will get hotter and hotter as time goes on. For how long, and just how hot, depends on how quickly people stop burning fossil fuels for energy.

Treehouse rose and bud

I am using this Labor Day weekend to learn some new/old tunes. It is a lot of fun for me to sing a variety of songs. The physical, mental, and spiritual experience of singing feels great.

It is also nice to be able to play the guitar and feel the vibrations from it joining with the vibrations throughout my body while I am singing. It is mystical and transcendent. It really feels good.

CHP Helicopter

There was a helicopter circling the neighborhood the other day. It was fairly close, so I figured I could get a good picture. I did.

There is a photo opportunity just before dawn on Sunday morning. We will be able to see a crescent Moon, sandwiched between Mars and Jupiter. Details

Reflections of this photographer

When the opportunity for the picture of the predawn sky happens, I hope to be getting some sleep. However, that’s about the time that the security guy tries to tear the upstairs door off it’s hinges and helps me attain full awakeness. So, who knows, maybe I will get up and take that picture.

Today’s Video;

Peace Please

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