Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Nice Day

For A Farmers Market

Bright and early Saturday

I remember going to the Farmers Market in L.A. in 1955. Our family had just moved west from Pennsylvania, and we were all agog with wonder to see the beautiful produce. Colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables dazzled us in the California sunshine.

Sunshine and Roses

At that time, there was an ordinance against any building over 10 stories high. There was an awareness of earthquake safety that has since been swept aside in the interest of greater profit margins. It seems a lot of important things have been swept aside in the stampede of greed.

I just happened to think about the amount of destruction that is planned for California's future to satisfy the greed of some lost souls who want to Frack the place for a profit. 

Enough! Bring on the cute little smile makers.

Hummers at the ritz

This evening, I finished putting a few video clips together with some music for a happy hummingbird video. The birds, feeders, and wind chimes were at the home of friends of my friend, Margaret. I had seen some of the really good photos that she took there, last week, and gladly took the opportunity to accompany her for a photo/video adventure.

I’m happy this picture turned out as planned

This will be the longest video I have uploaded and put on this blog, (8min 30sec), but it is so much fun to watch these birds interacting, that I think you will want to watch it over and over to see all the things these little pixie-like creatures are doing.

Therefore, without further ado....

Today’s Video;

Happiness On The Wing

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