Sunday, August 18, 2013

How I Know Why

And Other Revelations;

As I write this, the other MacBook is rendering a video that I just finished putting together. If I didn’t have 2 MacBooks, I would have to put writing this post on hold until the video is finished, and uploaded. That is sometimes a 4 hour process. Now you too know why I have two.

The Moon On Saturday, (and night)

When I read something that causes me to doubt its veracity, I turn to the internet to find and read the source material to be certain I am not absorbing propaganda. After a few years, I have source checked some publications and media and consistently found that they are nothing but propaganda, (Like the Wall Street Journal, Talk radio, or Fox news).

Behind B Building

You probably have friends and relatives who listen and watch Fox news, religiously. You can tell how much they have been watching when you hear them say things like, “Obama is a Socialist Muslim Alien Nazi”, without thinking that statement is bizarre, outrageous, or insane. You would be correct in thinking they have been thoroughly brainwashed by the right wing propaganda machine.

What a beautiful place

Just the other day, a friend handed me a letter from the NRA that certainly read like some new California state legislation regarding firearms would be the end of all your rights to own a gun. He gave me the letter so I could look up the legislation that was described as ‘banning all guns’, ‘keeping your guns locked up so you can’t use them when you need them’, ‘forcing you to buy expensive non-lead ammunition’ ‘Attacking your freedom’, and so on.

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So, I went to the state legislature website and read, S.B. 108, S.B. 374, AB 711, S.B. 53, S.B. 293, and SB 396. Guess what? Not one of them stated what the NRA letter claimed they did. There was not one bit of truth behind their hyperbolic, hysterical, patriotic call to arms. They didn’t even come close to the actual wording or contents any of the bills.

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Sadly, most of the people who got the letter, will take the NRA’s word, and believing it to be true, will be up in arms defending their rights vociferously as they demand an end to this war on God fearing, upstanding, patriotic defenders of the 2nd amendment.

The NRA doesn’t even have to waste time reading the actual legislation about firearms, they can just make stuff up because they know none of their loyal membership will bother checking to see if it’s true, (Just like the people who watch Fox News and listen to Talk radio will never question the load of baloney they gobble up daily).

Protecting the youngster

Well, I think the video is done uploading, so enough of this revealing expose of the crazy world once envisioned by the John Birch Society. Let’s get on with the show...

Today’s Home Video;

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Anonymous said...

August 19, 2013

I liked the soft approach you used, in reference to material given to you by a friend and then your seeking out the resources to "dig up" the truth of the matter.
You proved to the reader, in a way that can be accepted, that we are mostly brainwashed by propaganda.

All of it was nicely done. I clicked on the links and read enough to get the drift.

The video is great. Up beat. I like the local "sights." Enjoyed the music.