Sunday, August 25, 2013

Keeping My Cool

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Whiskeytown Lake

Finding a dark place to take pictures of the Milky Way, is pretty easy here in Redding. Just a few miles out of town, are National Forests, Parks, Recreation, and Wilderness areas that are far enough away from the city lights where one can set up a tripod for night sky photography.

This position might work

My neighbor, Margaret, joined me on a search for the perfect ‘Milky Way Photo’ location. I think we found it on the shore of Whiskeytown Lake. The angle seems right to show the colorful band of the Milky Way, rising into the sky above the water.

From the same spot, I could get some good pictures of the transmitter stations and antennas atop Shasta Bolly, (Some folks call it Shasta Bally). It was a bit hazy, what with the smoke from wildfires in the Trinity Alps, and other California and Oregon locations.

Cropped image close up

Now that I have found the place to put the cameras for the night sky photos, it is just a matter of taking the pictures on the night of a new moon, provided the sky is clear of clouds and smoke. I am sure we all would like the skies to be free of smoke, for that would mean the land would be free of fires, as well.

Opening soon

What a life I get to live. Yesterday I enjoyed time at one of the local lakes where breeze made the sailboats fly, and the warm temperature refreshingly pleasant.

Today, was in the comfortable mid-eighties with cooling breezes in the shade. It was also, Sunday. Always a treat to read the Sunday funnies at It is also the day of the Jefferson State Blues Society, Sunday jam.

Treehouse roses

Sometimes the core members of The Phil Seymour Band show up early and get to play the warm up set. I like that because I get to sing some songs that have arrangements, and more than 3 chords. Tonight, that was the case and we even played the newest song that John and I are writing. I think, after the way it went tonight, it is going to be another signature song for the band and me.

Powerfully deep reds

Lately there have been a number of people repeating the erroneous and misleading RNC talking point that emphatically claims the United States is a republic. They, and Bill O'Reilly, or whichever right wing mouthpiece they heard it from, are mistaken.

The old Soviet Union was a Republic. China is a Republic. The United States is both a Republic and a Democracy. Here is a good explanation by William P. Meyers.

Today’s Colorful Video;

Makes The World Go Round

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Anonymous said...

It seems now this country is less about the people and their votes and more about the cooperations and their money/power. The link, what I read of it, was boring to me and over idealistic.