Sunday, December 14, 2014

And Now The News

Writing Your TV and Radio News

That’s right, thanks to Fox news affiliates and Clear Channel communications, you can be assured that no matter where you go in America, the local stations will all be reporting the same stories as the all the other stations across the country.

And, the stories don’t even have to be true.
This Video Report Will Explain;

Then There Is Today’s PoP Music Biz

I have mentioned to people that there are no real singers in pop music, or TV contest singer shows. Instead I can hear that their voices have been auto-tuned and processed to the point where nothing natural, or human, is left to be heard. That sound annoys me like fingernails on a blackboard.

This video explains;

Meanwhile In My Reality

In the Light 2.jpg
Sunshine Saturday

That’s right. Today we had sunshine here in Redding and it was still sunny even when I got up and out to take pictures.

The roses and other flowers were recovering from the battering they received from the storms that past couple of days. Some of the roses were storm worn and a bit ragged, but still full of life, and some of the younger ones seemed to have escaped the tattering all together.

Undamaged Bud.jpg
Happy red bud

There were some beautiful December images to be captured, and I was happy to do so. The little equipment sheds, became modern barns in this look at the eastern Treehouse view;

December Barns.jpg
Bare branch shadows on the mini barn

It was a good day to wear a jacket and a hat. It was in the 60’s and there was no wind to blow your hat off.

The happiest life forms I found today were the sex organs of mycelium. They are more commonly known as, “mushrooms”. See how happy they looked;

Nice Detail.jpg
A bug having some mushroom soup

Many of the flowers were enjoying the chance to dry off after the rain.

Drying Blues 2.jpg
Pretty, even when bedraggled

If you read the first posting of yesterday’s blog, you may not know that I updated the story about the clownfish and the anemone. It seems that their activity within the tentacles of the anemone is part of the symbiotic relationship between species.

Nemos 1.jpg
Sweet home anemone

The wiggle dance stirs up oxygen and helps the anemone breathe. The clownfish rub mucus from the tentacles onto their body so they can safely stay protected in their own personal anemone. Predators are deterred by the anemone’s paralyzing neurotoxin tipped tentacles.

Hopeful Joe's Coat.jpg
A new bud on the Joseph’s Coat rosebush

I spent a couple of hours this evening looking for one of the 2 USB extension cables that I recall putting in a safe convenient place just 6 months ago.

Storm Survivor Red.jpg
A storm worn rose drys in the sun

I suppose it was good to go through every bag, drawer, box and cupboard that contains electronic related stuff. I found a couple of useful items that I had set aside for a rainy day and now that rainy day is here. (the link is to a real singer, singing a real song with a real orchestra)

Close Famshrooms.jpg
Mushroom hugs

I still haven’t located the long USB extension cables, but I have some stuff in a container on the balcony and more in the car that I can dig through tomorrow.

For now, I encourage you to keep it real. Unfiltered, unadulterated, unprocessed, non-homogenized, real in all endeavors. You will be healthier and happier as a result of being more intimately involved in your life.

Today’s Appropriate Song;

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