Monday, December 8, 2014

Popping up like...


Popping Up Like....jpg
They are everywhere

I remember when I was playing in Vail Colorado, 1979, our drummer, Gary Renzetti, noticed the proliferation of condominiums appearing all over the mountainside and remarked. “They’re popping up like mushrooms”.

Hard To Miss.jpg
How colorful

Like many of nature's treasures, mushrooms often are hiding in plain sight. It was on a damp 1977 November afternoon on Highway 199 on a damp day when I stopped at Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park to look for mushrooms.

Wandering deeper and deeper into the redwoods I was wondering where to find them. I  turned to look back the way I had come. On the loamy forest floor where I had just been walking, there were thousands of colorful mushrooms glittering like they were encrusted with jewels.

Lawn ornaments

Just like the mushrooms, there are other ubiquitous treasures of which I have been oblivious until I realize that I am surrounded. I love this educational and enlightening life I am fortunate enough to experience.

Wet Backyard.jpg
Wet and lovely

There is a big storm on the horizon with 60 mph wind gusts and possible flooding  Wednesday through Friday. Power outages are likely.

Now would be a good time to charge up all my battery powered devices so as to be prepared. I have plenty of batteries and flashlights, and Bruce brings 4 jugs of Mount Shasta Spring Water Tuesday morning. That takes care of the basics.

Even Deeper Red.jpg
Deep red backside lit by muted sunlight

I just realised that if the power goes, the gas stove won't light. I had best prepare something in advance. The perfect food for foul weather; Cookies!

I have 2 kinds of organic pastry flour that are languishing in the cupboard, awaiting my next pie dough attempt. With butter and sugar I have on hand, that is the basic stuff for making sugar cookies. A bunch of cookies, maybe with nuts and raisins could sustain me for days.

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