Saturday, December 27, 2014

Looking For A Partridge

On the first day of Christmas
December 25th I went down to the river to see the first day of Christmas from the Diestelhorst bridge. There usually are plenty of birds there in the afternoon so I figured if there were partridges in pear trees somewhere in Redding, this would be the place.

Squirrel 1.jpg
I did find a squirrel a nutting

Friday, I looked around the Treehouse for 2 turtle doves, but they must have stayed in their shells, for I didn’t see or hear a coo. Maybe tomorrow, (make that today), I will find 3 French hens.

Tricky Pear Pick.jpg
Upside down pear a picking robin

It is interesting how flexible I have become about what day it is/was/will be. This comes from writing around midnight. It isn’t until around 10:30 or 11 that I have finished my evening meal, cleaned up the kitchen and with my nutritional requirements met for awhile, my mind becomes creatively active and I begin the night’s projects like writing in this blog.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries.jpg
My neighbor Jackie gave me this dessert on the 24th

It takes a few hours to produce each post. Part of the time is used to edit recent pictures and re-editing the few that I think I might use in that night’s post. Part of the time is spent researching and fact checking the material, even if it is something like making sure of when and what each of the 12 days of Christmas is about.

Lasat Light Lassen 3.jpg
Lassen in the last light of the 26th

To get back to the night time being the time when the day of the week changes while I am writing; It tends to have increased my sense of tense. So if the day I had begun writing a post is past and it is presently a future date from whence I began, I hope it doesn’t strain your chronological sensibilities when my todays become yesterday’s tomorrows mid sentence.

Today’s Video;

Our Spectacular Natural World

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Margaret Miller said...

You have captured what I hope to in your shot of Mt Lassen. Beautiful. And the video is also wonderous. Like your take on time. It is only confusing to those who must hang on to some external rule of time. I think to you and a few others it is liberating to be in the now.