Sunday, December 28, 2014

Small Minded Dimwit Polititcians

Not Just In The U.S.A.

Saw a license plate frame that read, “An angel watches out for me”.

My first thought was, “Me and everybody else, too”. We all have angels watching out for us, but my experience has shown that angels watching won’t stop us from doing stupid things.

Flamin' Reds.jpg
Flaming red flowers

Our angels might suggest that we need to turn left, but our willful stupidity will insist that turning right is better. That is assuming that the little voice in my head who is always right is an angel. It could just as easily be words of wisdom from my eternal soul.

Flakey Apple Pie 1.jpg
Phyllo dough crust apple pie

Willful stupidity, combined with ignorance and an arrogant sense of entitlement has made some of our elected politicians perfect puppets for those who would derail our government to increase profits for a few crazy billionaires. Angels weep.

Red and Green.jpg
The rain brought some green

This same bunch of mega-billionaires are pulling the strings on vain puppet dictators and heads of state throughout the world. Giving them chump change in exchange for their country’s dwindling resources. Angels watch helplessly while Paradise is defiled and destroyed.

Bird In Sun.jpg
Bird wondering if it’s spring already

Let’s not forget the adolescent desires of the simpleminded old men in charge of militaries everywhere. Their big wet dream is to have lots of stuff that will roll, fly, float, shoot and blow things up. They make it so easy for defense contractors to rob the world’s treasuries in the name of security. Angels fold their wings in sorrow.

Yummy Red.jpg
Prettiest red, yet

My inner voice/Angel told me to write this post, but isn’t offering any uplifting insights or comic relief. I suppose that is up to me. I did read something amusing today, but it seems to be lost in the clamor of these troublesome times. An Angel yawns.

Today’s Video;

Once upon a time we had intelligent discourse on TV

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