Friday, December 5, 2014

Enjoying Wetness

Beauty And Promise

Wet And Blue 3.jpg
Wet and Blue

Reading the news throughout the world, it would seem that turmoil and disappointing actions by nations, industrial scale destruction of earth, air and water by profit driven billionaires, and the collapse of civility are all there is to see and report.

Sparkles Inside.jpg
Sparkling inside

On the other hand, if we actually look around us, there is much more to life than what is in the news. For example; On what might have appeared to be a dreary Thursday I found bountiful life and cheerful color right in front of me. I hope you enjoy my rainy day pictures.

Wet And Blue 2.jpg
Wet and blue, too

Floods, heat waves, droughts, and other devastating disasters caused by extracting, transporting, and burning fossil fuel are almost at the point where petro chemicals and coal are no longer a desirable commodity.

In 1958 junior high school science class we were taught that global temperatures were rising because of industries pumping CO2 into the atmosphere. Scientists called it the greenhouse effect.

Joe's Coat Rose.jpg
New bud on Joseph’s Coat rose bush

Not very many people retained that information. That is no surprise. Genetically there seems to be a limited supply of mutations that can produce wise people in any population of humans.

Take the story of the three Magi who were following the star of wonder. If there weren’t a fixed amount of wise people, there would have been hundreds of thousands of Magi bearing gifts and the value of Frankincense and Myrrh would have hit rock bottom.

Best Reds Ever.jpg
Red on red

Music and the arts have influenced our development in many ways. Without them we wouldn’t have love or poetry or the frame of mind to wonder how things work, (science).

Happy Mushroom.jpg
Happy with wet weather

Before poets and playwrights wrote of everlasting love and romance, most people didn’t give those things much thought. Until they heard minstrels sing about the heroic deeds and mighty battles won by brave warriors, the peasants knew little about their kings, queens, pharos, prophets, and warlords.

Few people could read, so they had to rely on traveling bards, storytellers, puppeteers, actors, musicians and town criers for information. It was much like today where few people bother to read, but rely on sitcoms, reality shows, news actors, minstrels and town criers on TV and radio for information.

Orange Gold.jpg
Orange golden opportunity on a stick

Here is a bit of information you aren’t likely seeing on TV news;


That is impressive. In spite of those who are doing everything in their power to get that black man out of the white house, President Obama’s administration has raised our country up from the economic disaster created by the previous administration.

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The Good Earth

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