Friday, December 19, 2014

Tis The Season

For Many Diverse Subjects

The Poinsettia

My 2011 poinsettia

“The plant made its way to the United States in the 1820s, thanks to Joel Roberts Poinsett, who was appointed the first U.S. Minister to Mexico (1825-1829) and whose death, on Dec. 12, 1851, resulted in the English re-naming of poinsettia as we know it in today.” ( story LOC Blog)

The verifiable historical figure we call Santa Claus

Santa Plain.jpg
Santa and elf snowboarding

Unlike some mythological figures that we believe in today, there actually was a man who gave presents to children during the night. Saint Nicholas was a tall and thin 4th century Christian Bishop. He has since been replaced by the fat jolly white Coca Cola advertising Santa that keeps the stores open late in the winter.

For various reasons there is a global shortage of saintly bishops available to bring toys to all the poor children in this modern world, so it is up to us ordinary mortals to make sure  that children experience the wide eyed wonder of discovering a gift from Santa on Christmas morning.

Wondering what Net Neutrality means?

Hunkered Shrooms.jpg
Mushrooms on a rainy day (Lumix TZ3)

Network neutrality is the principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally.

Right now, Title II regulation of the internet as a public utility, is our best guarantee of open access for all. Here is a fairly complete, yet easily understood explanation from Electronista.

Wet Red In Green.jpg
Wet red (Lumix TZ3)

Old time traditions
Time to slaughter the cattle and eat them
Time to drink the wine and beer that has finally fermented
Party on neighbors because some of you will starve during winter

Cran Rasin Aplle Roll.jpg
Cranberry, raisin, apple, cookie crumb roll (Lumix FZ35)

Thank you Wikipedia


I use many sources to substantiate the statements and information that I present here at Phil’s Place, but in my experience, there is no more reliable source than Wikipedia. You will always find references, sources, footnotes, and links to real facts and authorship behind the information you find in Wikipedia.

More Winter Traditions

Have yourself a very merry whatever you do at this stage of the earth’s orbit while living in the northern hemisphere.

Tangerine 2.jpg
Tangerine with lasagna delight (Lumix FZ35)

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