Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It's New Years Eve

And It’s Really, Really Quiet

It’s after 10 pm here in Redding on January 31st. So far I haven’t seen or heard any signs of this being new years eve.

Not Stable 2.jpg
Still cold on Lassen

It is a bit chilly this evening, so that may explain why I haven’t heard any of the usual party sounds of music, loud voices, girls screaming in drunken exuberance, fireworks, gun shots, or even squealing rubber and roaring engines.

Better Than I Thought.jpg
Just a few survivors, but pretty

It is a bit uncanny. We didn’t even have a new years party in the dining room here at the Treehouse. Of course that could be because none of the usual people made a party happen, including myself.

Just What I Wanted.jpg
This was just the picture I had in mind

To correct my observational conclusion, I just now heard what was either 2 firecrackers or someone shooting a Colt model 1911 45, ( or some similar firearm ). It had that thick 45 caliber “poh..poha” sound rather than the upper midrange retort of 30 or 38 caliber.

Tight Crop Moon 1.jpg
Just before sunset

Did I mention it was chilly? Not 20 below zero Wyoming chilly, but 44 degrees with a freeze warning overnight Redding chilly.

Just A Bit Of Sunlight.jpg
Racket ball sized purple rose

Like many people who live here in Redding, I have acclimatised to warm temperatures. If it gets below 70, I need to wear long pants, shoes and socks, as well as a long sleeved shirt. My trips to Richmond and the Bay Area are a wear a jacket or sweater experience, since they average a chilly 55-65 degrees there year round.

Less Punchy Red.jpg
Colorful last day of the year composition

Maybe cable news has warned everyone to stay inside for fear that border crossing toddlers are out in the streets speaking gibberish and wearing exploding onesies.

Not Stable 7.jpg
A good day for Lassen pictures

The band rehearsed yesterday. It was a Tuesday. That sort of mixed up my minds eye calendar. We usually rehearse on Sundays. I keep thinking today is Monday. It’s 11:07 pm and there have been no further celebration sounds, or activity outside in the neighborhood.

Color trimmed driveway rose

I must say that this is the quietest new years I have ever experienced. There is more activity any night of the week around here than there is tonight. None of the usual loud cars, motorcycles, fire engines, ambulances, helicopters….not even a barking dog!

Favorite Fan.jpg
My favorite fan

I get a lot of miles out of that palm behind the rose in the image above. I love the patterns of the parallel lines, light and shadow behind some of the roses that grow along the sidewalk. Life is filled with many joyful gifts when we take the time to look at the world we live in.

I am lucky to have the opportunity and the wherewithal to appreciate this simple, yet miraculous gift of being alive and aware. I thank God morning and night for the present.

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