Friday, December 12, 2014

Big Storm

In California

Rainy Redding Afternoon.jpg
Heavy rain began Wednesday Afternoon

It was raining moderately when I drove to a 3:00 pm appointment to get an MRI at MD Imaging. I saw Sandi and her daughter Amber there as I was getting ready to leave. I was waiting for the CD they were burning with the images from my MRI. 

Amber was just getting ready to go to the magnetic timetunnel suspended animation space travel tube.

I got the CD and they went down the hall toward the imaging while I went out to the Buick. 

Once I got home, I checked the CD….Wow! That is so amazing. I can travel through my spine image layer by layer and see how one vertebra is situated differently than the rest. I can see how the root nerves are askew compared to the ones above and below.

It will be interesting to read the radiologists report while looking at what he or she is describing about my damaged areas.

Nemo 5 E.jpg
Nemo, is that you?

I had the Lumix FZ35 with me and took pictures of the fish in the MRI waiting room saltwater aquarium until they called me.

Blue Creature.jpg

There were two clownfish and a blue fish with a bright yellow tail sharing the tank.

Nemo C 1.jpg
Send in the clowns

The clownfish looked like they were involved with depositing and fertilizing eggs within an anemone. They took turns wiggling around in the tentacles. They don't get stung because they coat themselves with the  anemone's mucus.
Best Blue.jpg
Blue triggerfish kept to his own part of the tank

UPDATE: No mating happening here. The clownfish "wiggle dance" helps the anemone breathe.  

The anemone is home for the clownfish. They have a symbiotic relationship. The brightly colored clownfish attracts food for the anemone in exchange for protection from predators.

The anemone ingests nitrogen rich clownfish poop and the wiggle dance oxygenated water to grow into a bigger and stronger home for the clownfish.

Mush 6.jpg
An older shroom dissolving in the rain

The storm is still raging on south of Redding as I am writing this. We got a fairly powerful storm last night and into the morning but it tapered off by afternoon here at the Treehouse. Tonight is fairly calm.

Mush 4.jpg
New mushrooms popping up daily

Because of the warnings about the storm, I stocked up on some basic nutritious food items. That is a good thing whether there is a dire need or not. The fresh organic vegetables are so easy to prepare and taste deliciously like themselves when they aren’t covered in sauces or cooked as part of soups, casseroles or stir fry.

Broc 2.jpg
Broc and tates, mmm good

One of the books I am currently reading is the new Stephen King novel called Mr. Mercedes which is described as a hard boiled detective story.

I am just getting started so the review will have to wait a day or two. I am very interested in finding out if Mr. King has got his MoJo working again.

I have missed his riveting, musical, compelling storytelling skills that captured my imagination so completely that I couldn’t stop reading until I ran out of book. I will let you know, soon.

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