Saturday, April 26, 2014

Things That Are Askew

Might Simply Be Listing

Great Big Beautiful Rose.jpg
Great big beautiful rose

I had a little extra free time today, so I have been surfing the waves of information that ebb and flow on the internet. From a few favorite beaches that I comb, I am happy to share a few bits and pieces that you too might find interesting.

Worn Wings.jpg
Bee after 200 miles (note wing wear and tear)

Here was an item on Think Progress about kids allowances that I saw when reading some stories at Crooks and Liars. What I double-taked on was this; “One study found that boys spent just 2.1 hours a week on chores and made $48 on average, while girls put in 2.7 hours to make $45.” I thought those were allowance totals per year. I had to read that again.
What kind of chores only add up to a little over two hours a week? It took me an hour or two just to mow the lawn. For that and doing other chores I got 25 - 50 cents a week.

Happy To Be Seen.jpg
Happy rose on a partly sunny Friday

Want to know why many people, including myself, really like Senator Elizabeth Warren? This article at Daily Kos, sums up the progressive changes that this intelligent and assertive Senator has made toward giving us all a fighting chance.

Sunshine and Roses.jpg
Sun on rose Friday

The reason for the free time - occasional rain showers, cool temps (60) and the fact that the Farmers Market had packed up and left by the time I got to City Hall, (3:30p), made photographing vendors packing up their Whole Earth and Watershed Festival booths in the rain less than attractive to me. I settled for returning books and checking out new ones at the library.

Morning glory cloudy day.jpg
Opportunistic morning glory

Another failure at new and improved site design; Weather Underground, once the most complete and informative weather site bar none has redesigned itself into an unusable form. Goodbye my old trusty friend.

Meanwhile, that entertaining, fun filled, ‘should I wear a sweater or a jacket’ site, Swackett, has been adding some great features and I can still see the forecast in their usual entertaining graphic style. Hello again Swackett.

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Enjoy Life

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Observation Day

Here On Planet Earth

Afternoon Glory.jpg
Morningglory Easter Afternoon

I read this observation today and had to pass it on. It is a response to the 70% of Americans who, when asked if they ascribed to the big bang theory of how the universe began, said they don’t believe the science. The article includes some strong language and justifiable disdain for those people who proudly exhibit their willful ignorance.

“Show me some bloody data or just admit that you don't know.” - Daily Kos blog by LaFeminista

Joe's Coat Lining.jpg
Josephs coat lining

Here is something I recently observed on PBS;

If you haven’t been watching the 3 part series, “Your Inner Fish”, this would be a good time to start. All three parts can be watched on at your convenience, using your computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and probably android devices as well. That is the beauty of the internet.

Rose In Your Nose.jpg
You can almost smell the fragrance

Your Inner Fish explains with data and facts, how our bodies evolved bone by bone, organ by organ, from our fish ancestors that lived 400,000,000 years ago. Neil Shubin, paleontologist, takes us through our long journey of development with 3 well produced, CGI enhanced videos. Be amazed, entertained, informed and get to know your inner fish, reptile and primate origins like the back of your hand.

Look closely and see a tiny occupant

Today is/was Earth Day. Here in Redding there are events and activities all week long to bring awareness and focus on appreciating and protecting the only planet we have.

The first Earth Day was in 1970. Millions of Americans from all walks of life joined together to promote awareness and respect for our home. There were 2 Earth Days that year.

John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace, to first be celebrated on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. This day of nature's equipoise was later sanctioned in a Proclamation written by McConnell and signed by Secretary General U Thant at the United Nations.

One month later Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day as an environmental teach-in on April 22, 1970.

Dean's Rose.jpg
One of Dean Crumpacker’s roses behind B building

This Saturday there will be the Whole Earth and Watershed Festival to share environmental  awareness with those in attendance. It is fun and people can learn to be aware that we all live in this only world we’ve got. There are vendors, information booths, musicians, activities for kids, demonstrations, and more.

I remember they had a kids climbing wall that I pictured on this blog in 2011

Can This Be Real?.jpg
Another outstanding individual at the Treehouse

Every day is earth day for all life as we know it. That figures because this is the only place that we can live. Be kind to your mother and your mother earth. They gave you life.

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Thanks Mom

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Time Flies Like An Arrow

Fruit Flies Like A Banana

Wild Onion 3.jpg
Wild Onion

I am not sure who to attribute that proverbial twist to..maybe Groucho Marx?

Amusing word play is not one of my forte’s
Yet, I manage to trip on some that appear to
tickle my funny bones or ring in my ears

Magic Garden Iris.jpg
Magic Garden Iris

Today while I lay napping
I awoke to not so gentle rapping
banging and tapping
whacking on my chamber wall

A giant woodpecker at first I muttered
Into the hall it must have fluttered
Just outside my chamber wall

Fun In Birdville 2.jpg
Quiet Moment In Birdville

I arose from my repose
stumbled to my clothes
on the chair, creased and crumpled
where out of them I fumbled
‘not long ago’ I mumbled
donning them once more
so I might step outside my door

Latest Transformer.jpg
Latest Transformer Rose

Not a feather or wing did I spy
with hair askew and squinty eye

It was not a bird, but a hanging
that I had heard a banging
whacking and clanging
outside my chamber wall

Tiny Flowers on Bush.jpg
Tiny flowers on a bush

It was Kathern and my neighbor
who had hung a picture in the hall
to be admired by all
who passed outside my chamber
just outside my chamber wall

Rose And Tree.jpg
Red rose and Treehouse tree

Will I try to plough another row
in the cultivated fields of Poe?

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Happy Easter

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It Was An Awesome Eclipse

The Next One Is October 8th

Eclipse Fog.jpg
Blood moon eclipse April 14-15

I took many pictures of the eclipse from the sidewalk just below my apartment until the earths shadow covered the moon. Then I went back upstairs to the comfort of furniture and food.

Later that night, I took a few more pix from my balcony of the blood moon. It was a good thing I did. It was amazing.

Blood Moon batch 2.jpg
Blood moon and star Spica

If you had a chance to see this weeks eclipse you will understand when I describe the silence and awareness of the vastness of space while seeing our moon so clearly one could sense it’s body and weight. The reality of our moon was palpable and, (were my arms 250,000 miles long), it felt like I could reach out and touch that cold, battered ball of rock.

Best Daisy.jpg
Looks like a big daisy

The north state landscape is pulsing with energy as spring releases the sleeping power of nature in all it’s glory. The flowers are growing, blooming and developing so fast, that I have been taking pictures of flowers that change from closed buds to open petals in the same day.

April Patio Beckons.jpg
Roses decorate the Treehouse patio

Tonight was make a new pie night. I got some packaged flour about a week ago that I have been wanting to try. It is from Bob’s Red Mill. I got it at our local health food outlet where I got my last bulk pie dough test flour.

New Pie.jpg
Tonight’s apple pie

I have to say that I really enjoy making and eating my own homemade pies. There are no two alike so having apple pie is always different due to the choice of apples and the nature of the crust. I can’t imagine how I ever settled for store bought factory pies.

Shasta T 2 no branch.jpg
Mount Shasta this Thursday evening

I hope you are stopping to smell the roses and enjoying spring wherever you may be.

For those who are still experiencing winter conditions, you may want to figure out a way to save some of the cold to provide relief during heat waves later this year.

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Our World Of Music

Monday, April 14, 2014

Good Morning

Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Apr 14 Moon.jpg
Moon on the 13th of April

The nearly full moon, image above, was taken from my balcony last night. If my calculations are correct, and the skies are fairly clear tonight I should be able to photograph the full blood moon eclipse from right outside my door.

Poppies Please.jpg
California poppies

The flowers are blooming and birds are busy as we see life returning to the world this spring. The yearly cycle for most of us living in the temperate zones is a beautiful reminder of how life on earth is renewed by the rhythms of the seasons.

Mock Warning.jpg
Handsome bird seeks mate

The males of mated mockingbird pairs are being kept busy trying to keep the bachelors off of their gal. They are not always successful. They vocalize their anger and frustration at the indignity of it all. The females don’t always complain.

Postcard Whiskeytown View.jpg
Whiskeytown Lake on Palm Sunday

We had a rehearsal at Mark’s house yesterday. John, Mark and I ran through some of our songs to determine how they will sound with the three of us. Most all worked fine and I feel confident that we will be entertaining and sound good at the Shasta Lake Damboree on May 3rd.

Mark lives close to Whiskeytown lake so I took the opportunity to get some pictures at the lake while I was out that way.

Old Shasta Park.jpg
Shasta City park

The town of Old Shasta is on the road to Whiskeytown Lake, so I stopped and took a few pictures there. John lives in that town.

Bird Of P.jpg
Bird of paradise

The neighboring bird of paradise flowers needed a bit of cosmetic improvement to bring out their inner beauty. What a great time and place to be a photographer.

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One Amazing World