Monday, June 8, 2009

I Had Fun At The Park

Now What?

Boat dock at Caldwell Park, Redding, California.

These days, I generally live in the now. Some of you nice readers are familiar with my journey in the ever present.

The future imagined, the past remembered, now is where I live.

Now, is Eternity, according to some of the philosophers. I tend to agree. Heaven is all around, within and without me, now. It's up to me to awaken and enjoy the miracle of life.

So here I am. I breathe deep and steadily. I feel the air that I pull in with my diaphragm. It fills my being with life. It's the same air that Cleopatra or Moses breathed.

According to the Bible,
God breathed life into Adam. We are breathing that same breath of God.

"Don't waste your breath", is an old saying.


Now I will enjoy
what is magical and wondrous in the moment.

BPA or Not BPA?

Are plastic bottles of water safe?

I have written about the plastic bottle controversy in this blog. I have found that the fears are mostly unfounded and based on misunderstanding, (Like most fears).

As a service to my readers,
I will share a simple method of knowing that your bottle of water is, "safe".

Recycle Code

See the little triangle on the bottom?

Bigger Bottle

See the recycle triangle.

Inside The Triangle is a Number.

Number one is good.

Sports bottles and baby bottles with the number 7, are the ones made with BPA, (bisphenol A), and are thought to be harmful.

You can breathe easy now. At least for the next several billion years. Earth is losing it's atmosphere — 5×1025 molecules per second. Scientists say there is no cause for alarm. If the loss rate stays the same, the planet's atmosphere will last for several more billion years.

Invasion Of The Giant Jellies

Diver attaches a tracking device to giant jellyfish.

by Discovery News and ABC Science Online

June 8, 2009 -- Giant jellyfish like this one are taking over parts of the world's oceans as overfishing and other human activities open windows of opportunity for them to prosper, say researchers.

In this photo, a diver is attaching a sensor to track a monster Echizen jellyfish, which has a body almost 5 feet across, off the coast of northern Japan.

Jellyfish are normally kept in check by fish, which eat small jellyfish and compete for jellyfish food such as zooplankton, researchers said. But, with overfishing, jellyfish numbers are increasing.

Todays Relatively Appropriate Song;
California Dreamin' - The Phil Seymour Band

Heaven Is Here On Earth

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