Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is It A Good Idea To Mix?

Different Operating Systems

Begin With Breakfast

I feel good about eating Natures Path cereals.

Today, I thought
I might try to get my HDTV working properly with my Macbook, again. It has looked like, ****, ever since the last software update from Apple.

I've been a little put off
by all the Windows type stuff that Apple has been including in it's software. So much so, that a year ago, I stopped upgrading my older iMac and removed Safari, (Apple's browser), because they included stuff for Windows. I knew that Windows meant trouble, and those people who installed the upgrade on their Macs have been installing patches and fixes ever since.

My Podcasting Studio. 6/14/09

However, I now have this fancy new Macbook, that I really enjoy using, and since it uses the Leopard operating system, I figure I should do the updates when they send them, after all, it's still Apple, right?

One of the reasons I got a Macbook was the ability to hook it up to HDTV with and adaptor and HDMI cable. This creates a large high definition display from my laptop. I enjoyed watching movies and TV from the internet, and it provided a large monitor for editing photo's and video's. Great stuff, until the last update from Apple. Most of the update was related to security measures, ( We get a lot of those now that iTunes, Safari, and other programs have become part of Windows.), and very little of the update had much to do with my computer, but I installed it anyhow. BIG MISTAKE! (My fault for being impatient. I should have waited, and read the reports, first.)

Sundial Bridge with Cell Phone Cam. 6/13/09

I would not take a laptop running Windows if it was given to me. I actually had to say, "No thanks", when a neighbor wanted to give me his relatively new Toshiba laptop. I considered taking it and giving it to one of my friends who have been looking for a laptop, but I wouldn't wish a Windows machine on anyone. Today was the perfect example. I spent 4 hours fiddling with software stuff instead of using my computer. That's what would be happening everyday with Windows! There is always an update, a virus scan, and dozens of other things that must be done before you can use the computer. Phooey!

Same photo after using Picturesque. 6/14/09

My impatience cost me a good part of the day. I read a thread on a forum that was about the very problem that came with the software update, people using HDMI for their displays, all were getting a crummy picture. They were trying many ways to fix the problem with no results. Finally, someone found a program that allowed you to reset the resolution information for your display. They said it wasn't perfect, but that it was an improvement until Apple sent a fix in a week or two.

I decided to give it a try.

I had had some luck with finding and installing a program that re-formats video, so I figured, "How hard can it be"?

It wasn't hard, but, after several tries and restarts, I still couldn't get the results I wanted, so I attempted to get things back to where they were.

In the end, it took
me an additional amount of time to uninstall the 3rd party software that was supposed to help change the resolution settings. I was reminded why I wouldn't even have a computer if I had to use a PC or Laptop running the Windows operating system. I finally have restored the color and look of my Mac to it's original settings, and that's the last of the time I intend to waste fiddling and diddling with computer adjustments. I will go the the Apple site that describes just what is in the update, before I update ever again. Even then, I will wait a month or two to see if there were any problems before installing anything new!

Sacramento River using Cell Phone Cam. 6/13/09

I suppose it's good for the company to sell Mac's to PC people. Fixing stuff on their PC's makes them feel all warm and fuzzy. My older, iMac behaves like a Mac is supposed to; It Just Works.

I still recommend a Macintosh computer to everyone. There is no comparison. Windows is a poor imitation of OSX and is plagued with annoying problems.

I am so used to not having any problems with my computers, that when I do, I get frightened and upset. I don't expect bugs in my Apple!

Same picture after using Picasa editor. 6/14/09

I didn't throw my laptop off the balcony, ( It did cross my mind when things didn't do what they were supposed to), and, once I got things looking good again, (the resolution fixer program added a blue tint that was a bit troublesome to get rid of even after I uninstalled it) , I am enjoying the great things I like to do on my Macbook, once more.

What you see in these pictures is worth a 1,000 words about how much fun I have with my Mac.

Google chatting with Garie. 6/14/09

My sincerest sympathy to my many readers who, for one reason or another, are reading this on a PC, or laptop running windows. I also want to apologize to those of you who never get to see and hear the, "Today's Relatively Appropriate Song". I just today, learned that you have to sign up to You Tube, (free), to see and hear this feature at the end of my blogs. I will try something else as soon as I figure out just what that would be.

It has been a beautiful day, here in Redding. 6/14/09

For those of you who do click the link and get the song/video,
here is...

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree - Andrews Sisters

Breathe Deep and Slowly

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