Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Life Is Heavenly

Acts Of Kindness

My brother, Jerry in an Iraqi rain-dust-mud storm.

I got an email from my brother in Iraq. He writes;

We had this storm today. It was 120 degrees and in 30 minutes it had changed to 94 degrees and the dust was blowing so hard that you could not open your eyes. I still have grit in my teeth from three hours ago.

It only lasted for about 15 minutes and then it was gone.

Lightning Here

Jellies Love The Dead Zone

Jelly fish are thriving in the Dead Zones we have created with our pollution. The worlds oceans are now teaming with jellyfish like never before. As we have over fished, or killed off the fish population with nitrogen fertilizer runoff, the jellies have moved in. What I find interesting about jellies is their ability to shrink when food is limited. I wonder if that would work for Oprah.

I Think I would Like A Straw House

One of the oldest recorded straw bale buildings was a one-room schoolhouse built in 1896 or 1897. Cows ate the school in 1902 because the walls weren't plastered. However, once the settlers started to apply plaster to the walls, they found that these temporary houses could keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The homes could withstand the high winds of the Nebraska prairie, and they were quiet as well. Historians investigating the Sandhills homes spoke with one woman who recalled her parents playing cards in their straw bale house, oblivious to the tornado raging outside [source: Hammett].

Consciousness Behind All Things

Auto A/C repairman Phil

Some of you may recall the book Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I just remembered it as I began to write this piece about the serenity and contentment I felt, after locating the problem with the passenger side air conditioning in the Buick, and fixing the problem. I feel my happiness was the result of a combination; "Pay attention and learn", and, "Visualize a successful conclusion", attitude. I read a number of Google results for, "1995 Buick passenger side A/C blows heat", and when all conditions were right, proceeded to direct the flow as it was meant to be.

How I Respect All of God's Creations, and Still Eat Them.

Respect and appreciation for existence in this universe begins with me. I respect my conscious and spiritual presence. By focusing on God's glorious manifestations, I fill my senses with positive and beautiful images and feelings. I try to feed my body and soul, with things that promote health and happiness.

Eating a Piece of Dead Cow?

Over the years I have become
aware of how the things I eat affect my health and well being. An occasional steak boosts my virility and tends to produce a prodigious amount of vivid dreams for a night or two. It achieves a positive effect if I limit my intake to one steak dinner every couple of months or so. If I eat it more often, it loses it's pleasant affects.

By making my steak dinner a special occasion, I am more aware of the quality of steak that produces the best results. The best being from a free range, natural grazing, hormone-antibiotic free, happy cow. The worst being from a corporate meat factory. Those cows are sick. They are fed corn, chemicals, and even cow brains. That kind of beef does not taste good, or produce the good results I seek.

I like vegetables with or without a side of meat. One modern convenience that makes steamed vegetables a snap, is the chopped veggies in a bag from the produce section. You can poke a little hole in the bag, toss it in the microwave for 3 1/2 min. and empty the bag on a plate, (I like the stir fry mix best).

I feed my soul with gratitude
and respect for all the gifts that God has provided me. I use my intellect and talent with diligence, dedication, and appreciation. I learn new ways to enjoy and express my experiences through music and intellectual pursuits. I am happy and enlightened.

Holy Crap!

I encountered a person the other day that epitomizes the antithesis of happiness and enlightenment. It was shocking to see just how a stubbornly wrong person can become aggressive and hostile when they encounter something beyond their understanding. I was shaken by the bad energy radiating from this misinformed simpleton.

It was my mistake, I shouldn't have made eye contact. I should have just accepted his Jesus pamphlet and kept on moving. However, I answered when he asked if I had found the light of our lord Jesus, or whatever weird interpretation of John and Revelations these dullards are taught. I said, "I live in the light." That answer seemed to confuse and anger this dimwit. He became loud and started following me, while shouting some sort of crazy stuff about the day of judgment and how he was going to Heaven and I was going to burn in Hell for eternity.

I sure didn't want to be in whatever Heaven this guy was going to. I didn't tell him that, but I did softly suggest that he make sure he was taking his medications properly.

I guess what bothered me was that someone put that crap in his head and it made his life Hell on earth. He was as ignorant and misled as a suicide bomber. (They are illiterate and easily manipulated, too.) So I am thinking that one of the causes of unhappiness and bad behavior on God's green earth, is intentionally misinterpreted scripture, spewed from the mouths of Preachers, Rabbis, and Imams, to those legions of illiterates who don't know how to read the Holy books they, "quote", to justify their unacceptable acts.

For now, my path is clear;
Avoid eye contact, take the pamphlet, say nothing and stay in the joyful light of God's illumination.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
The Sunny Side Of The Street - Louis Armstrong

Love Thy Neighbor

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