Thursday, June 18, 2009

When the Muse Beckons

The Band Plays On

Rehearsing in Mark's garage. 6/17/09

We rehearsed yesterday.
There were a couple of things to tighten up, and we learned another of my songs, "Do You Get It?". I like how things are developing.

Our popularity and value are right on track with our growth. I love this place.

My life is filled with rainbows, right here in Redding.

News From My Brother

Jerry sent this picture in an email.

Actually, the dust storm continues to make interesting sepia tone photos of his surroundings in Iraq.

True Grit

Jerry in the beautiful Iraqi countryside. 6/17/09

I cant tell whether
he has put on a few extra pounds, or if that is just the wind puffing out his shirt. I am beginning to understand why the indigenous people of Iraq came up with a religion that has them inside praying 5 times a day. Clearly, when in Iraq, one figures that Paradise is elsewhere.

Meanwhile, in Scotland

Local wildlife, grazing on the hill. (photo-Paul Thomas)

Papa Paul Thomas sent me an email with pictures of the beautiful Glasgow countryside just outside his cottage. If I had to choose between Iraq and Scotland?....

Paul and I have co-written songs and added parts to recordings by way of MP3 and email. Oddly enough, he has a blues band that has been developing at the same time as mine. It's a little spooky if you aren't comfortable with the parallel universe theory, but to some of us, it's no stretch of the imagination.

Paul writes; "The blues band in this aspect of your own parallel universe is close to debut - August 20th - in the SoLow Blues bar, Dumfries, Scotland."

If any of you
are out that way, stop by and give a listen to Paul's band.

Grandpa Elliott

New Orleans street musician, Grandpa Elliot.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
"Fannie Mae" by Grandpa Elliott

Sometimes a song from a street singer is just enough to make us enjoy our day and carry on with life a little better than before. One song at a time.
-Mark Johnson (

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