Friday, June 12, 2009

What A Treat


What a treat.
Tonight we got an unexpected, extra impressive display of lightning and thunder.

I tried an experiment with iMovie and the iSight camera on the laptop. The storm was really intense for about 30 minutes, so I had the movie rolling. It's hard to tell if I got anything, because I had the lights out.

Chopping cherries

There was a strike very close, about 10minutes into the recording.

Add sliced banana

That should be easy to find
in the dark thumbnails. It struck within a few yards of the apartment window. The flash was very bright.

Add some blueberries

First there was a pop like a firecracker, then an explosive crack that shook the building, accompanying the blinding light. Then, kaboom, followed by a peal of thunder that rumbled around and away into the distance.

Put the fruit on top of some ice cream

The storm actually raged on for about twenty, action packed, minutes. Flashing skies, cracks, booms and rumbles, on top of the drumming of a torrential downpour.

Top with whipped cream and serve

Even now, as I write this, the thunder continues to amaze and entertain with many varieties of reverberating, rumbling, melodies.
Heavens wondrous music reaches to my very soul.

I will see if I got a good recording of what I have been enjoying, tomorrow. There is still enough storm left to lull me to sleep as it moves off toward Mount Shasta.

Oh yeah, the ice cream Sundae was great.

Tonight's Relatively Appropriate Song;

I Love A Rainy Night - Eddie Rabbit

I love this place. I am blessed.

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