Monday, July 20, 2009

At One Time, The Cool Accessory

Used To Be The Zippo

When I was younger, one of the ways to look cool was to show ones prowess with a Zippo lighter. A mans sophistication was measured by his skill at whipping out, snapping open, lighting, and closing his lighter. This action was accompanied by an attitude of self satisfaction and, "coolness".

Now It's Cell Phones

The other day
I observed the same, "Zippo Cool", behavior in a friends grandson, only he was texting on a cell phone. The snap open, the nonchalant quick text, close and holstering, was so familiar, but I didn't make the connection until this morning. The cell phone gives new meaning to, "Smooth Operator".

Everything Cell Phone VIDEO

Mt. Shasta

From the little town of Mt. Shasta. 7/19/09

I set out today to take a few pictures and to find someplace cooler than Redding. I let the spirit direct me north and just enjoyed the wind of the air conditioner on my face.

It was 107 when I left town and the cool slopes of Mt. Shasta beckoned me.

Village Books. 7/19/09

I took a lot of pictures on the way and stopped in a little book store/internet cafe to load them into the Macbook. Since I am on line, I thought I might add a few words to today's blog. I have had a couple cups of coffee and its time to go up the mountain a ways.

"Top Of The World, Ma"

Up on Mt. Shasta 7/19/09 (photo-by another tourist)

End of road where tourist took my picture at 7,900 ft.

After taking many
pictures and some video, I came down the mountain and went west to Lake Siskiyou. The last time I was there was in 1978. There were very few people there back then compared to now, but it is still quite beautiful and provided some nice views of Mount Shasta.

From Lake Siskiyou

Picture from the boat launch and marina. 7/19/09

Picture from the road behind Lake Siskiyou. 7/19/09

Flowers along W A Barr road near Lake Siskiyou.

It was a pleasure to be able to go to Mount Shasta, yesterday. I took over 250 pictures, many of which were of the flowers ,(I welcome any help with the names of flowers).

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

The Happy Wanderer - The Muppets

God's Green Earth

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