Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's So Simple

Serenity and Serendipity

Photo with ViviCam 8025. 7/14/09

I stopped by Stu and Sandi's to read the user manual for the new Vivitar camera. It was on a CD with the drivers and stuff to use the camera with Windows. I don't keep any word processing or Office programs on my Mac because I do documents and such, on-line with Google Docs. This made reading the instructions complicated, so I took the disk to Stu and Sandi's, Windows machine.

Stu and Sandi were nice enough to let me use their PC with Windows, and after about 20 or 30 minutes we got the user manual on screen where I could read it. I found how to turn off the date stamp and put the ISO back to default, I think.

Since I was close to a photogenic spot
on the river, I went on down to the Bonnyview bridge to take some pictures with my main camera, the Sanyo VPC T1060. The timing was perfect. There was a romantic river cruise boat leaving from the boat launch just as I arrived.

River Romance

Romance cruise boat on the Sacramento river. 7/14/09

It was cool and breezy by the river. 7/14/09

On the bank of the river in the shade. 7/14/09

After cooling off by the river, I went to Trader Joe's to get some blueberries and yogurt. They didn't have blueberries, but when I got bananas, I had a chance to show the nice produce lady what I had learned on the internet about opening a banana, (See blog post). She was impressed. Really.

At the checkout stand, the nice, checkout lady asked me what I did today, so I told her about taking a picture of a guy dressed up like a gondolier, standing and rowing a boat with a man and woman seated under a canopy. She said, "River Romance Cruises. I know that guy. We used to work together at Costco. His name is Todd."
I said, "Thanks, I'll look it up, on line, and put it in my blog.
River Romance Cruises

Things Change

Screen shot of word processing/rich text editor, Bean.

Yesterday, I drove over to Stu and Sandi's to use their PC so I could read a .doc file with the instructions for a camera. That worked, but later in the day I was reading an article and there was mention of a free word processing program for Mac's called, "Bean". I checked it out and downloaded it. It is simple and it works like a Mac program, (No weird, unnecessarily complicated, Microsoft stuff).

I can create documents,
"off-line", now, with Bean on my Macbook. (I use Apple Works on the iMac.)

Space Shuttle Launches

Still screen shot of shuttle from You Tube video.

The Endeavor lifted off today
from the same launch pad as Apollo 11.

Fred Mitchell and I watched the Apollo 11 launch from across the river in Titusville, Florida. It was loud, even from that distance. The sound pressure caused waves to radiate toward us on the suface of the water. We were so far away, the rocket looked about the size of a cardboard match.

By the time they got to the moon, our band was in New Orleans and we watched the walk on the moon from our room overlooking Jackson square.

Elmo and Fred in New Orleans 7/20/1969

Me on the balcony in New Orleans 7/20/1969

Old Millhouse Deli

Inviting picture of the entrance to Old Millhouse Deli.

John called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go to the Old Millhouse and play some music on Wednesday evening. I said sure, and the band played a few tunes. There were other musicians there to jam, and a nice warm time was had by all.

Outside on the lawn at the Old Millhouse. 7/15/09

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Jammin' - Bob Marley

Sing A Song

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