Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things I Found In The

Sunday Paper

Open A Banana Like A Monkey
How could I have been so wrong for so long?

I wonder why we didn't learn from the monkey's?

Here is the article at Lifehacker.

Healthy Cooking
The basic message is;
The healthiest way to eat, is to cook.


When we had, "stewardesses".

The original stewardess was a nurse to give the illusion of safety on your airplane flight. Flying was a novelty, and to attract customers, airlines promised attractive women would be on board at your beck and call. It worked.

Take a gander and think up your own geese jokes.

Now we have men, and women calling themselves flight attendants and making demands of the airlines. The Red, designer uniform for a certain company, only goes up to a size 18 and the large ladies are in a tiff. Aside from costing the airline the extra fuel it takes to haul that excess weight from place to place, now there are the legal costs of this latest lawsuit. These employees are excess baggage. Really.

There is no longer any need for flight attendants.

Commercial air-flight is no different than riding a bus or subway. All the airline needs is a ticket taker and someone to hand out snacks.

All companies are looking to cut costs in this economy. Obsolete positions, like flight attendant, are one lawsuit away from unemployment.

There will always be a place for an attractive stewardess on the corporate airliners, but the, "Come Fly With Me", days are gone.

Why do you think the biggest selling plane is called the, "Airbus"?

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Come Fly With Me - Frank Sinatra

Today's Bonus Video;
Pan Am Introduction to Jet Service


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