Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Spring Has Sprung, and Summer's Just As

Hot As Usual

Happy Triple Digit Phil 6/30/09

The weather is warm, the air conditioning is cool, and I am repaired. Here it is, just 3 years and 5 doctors, since I first got scheduled for a hernia repair, and it's all over but the follow up appointment. Why would anyone think our American health care system needs an overhaul? I am very happy now that I have some relief. Thank you, Dr. Grady.

But Doc, Can I Play The Violin?

"That's funny, I couldn't play the violin before!"

The Band Plays On

Friday, July 3
CLUB 49 Anderson, CA
8 - 10:30PM

Raymond Randle in his newly remodeled CLUB 49.

We Played at the CLUB 49 on Sunday and had a great time. As you can see by the picture above, the place is bright, colorful, and filled with paintings by artists Raymond has known in Brazil. We play Blues and Jazz with a generous helping of my original tunes when we play CLUB 49.

At one time,
the bar had a brothel upstairs. This has some significance because the place we play this Sunday, used to have a brothel upstairs.

Sunday, July 5
Johnny's Cathouse Redding, CA
7 - 10 PM

Johnny's Cathouse, this evening around 6:30. 7/1/09

I haven't played at Johnny's
before, but the guys in the band tell me that Sunday evening we play for an hour, then have an open jam for an hour before closing out the last hour with our band. Since they asked me to play there, I will see how it goes. It should be fun.

I wonder if this will work?

Zombie Reggae

I guess I could put
this, "Live", version on You Tube and My Space, but I will be recording this weekend, and possibly doing a video too, so I think I will just put it on my, for now.

Here In Redding

Rainbow from June 1o, 2009

I have slide-shows of sunsets, rainbows and flowers, that are waiting for me to write some music to accent the pictures. Here is one of the rainbow pictures.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Summer In The City - Lovin' Spoonful

I Can See The Light

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