Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Think I Prefer

Old And Dependable

I have reached the age where experience has shown the words, "New And Improved", are the end of a reliable product. Whether the example is Coca Cola when they decided HFCS was cheaper than sugar, or when Peter Paul tried to foist synthetic chocolate on Almond Joy customers, the New and Improved version of any reliable product only means disappointment.

Enjoying 70 degrees at 7:00 AM on the balcony.

I have to say
I am not thrilled with Apple and the strategies they are using to woo PC people to the Macintosh computer. Each new update adds a bunch of features to make Macs and PC's more compatible, and diminishes the satisfying reliability of my computer. The Mac is supposed to do it's magic in the background while I do my music, photography, videos, and artwork without having to do computer repair and maintenance. Instead, every other day there is some new security update, or software improvement just as if I was running Windows. I didn't sign on for that crap.

Luckily, for me, my iMac is still running an older reliable version of OS-X, and this Macbook has been backed up with Time Machine. I can always go back in time to an older, reliable, version of OS-X if I get too frustrated with all these so called, "Improvements".

Fresh Outlook

After a clean and refreshing shower.

Okay, I have washed the taint of Microsoft out of my hair, and I can once again enjoy some of the things I have learned that make me happy.

Soap That Lasts

Long lasting Lever 2000.

Just before I moved up here to Redding in 2007, my friend, Garie Lebow, gave me some wash cloths and a bar of soap for my new place. I have been using the bar of soap at my bathroom sink since I got here. I finally had to replace it. I used it primarily for shaving, and it has lasted all this time.

Shaving Tip

Shave during, or just after a shower. Your beard is softer then, and the shaving is easy.

Gazing at the neon moon.

Just For Fun

Today' Relatively Appropriate Song;
Lost Mind - Silvia Fernandez

Resolution and Peace

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