Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All In All

Satisfactory Results

I proudly wore my voting sticker all day. 11/2/10

It's about 2 in the morning
and most of the ballots have been counted. I am glad I live in California where a majority of things I voted for, were also what garnered the most votes from my fellow Californians. I am happy to see that the obscenely huge amounts of money couldn't buy the governors office, nor allow the fossil fuel industry to avoid the mandated reductions of carbon emissions.

Clear Skies Continue

Lassen looked spectacular from the Treehouse parking lot today. 11/2/10

I was relieved to see that proposition 19 did not pass. I know some people who smoke pot, (and some who used to), so I voted to decriminalize cannabis because I wouldn't want them to be arrested and entangled in the justice system. However, I don't see any virtue or character building as a result of getting high, so I can't say I am for pot smoking, I just don't think it should be a criminal offense. So, even though I voted for 19, I am okay with it not passing.

Fall Colors

The trees are getting brighter every day. 11/2/10

I have been taking pictures of the same tree in the parking lot, every day or two as it has been changing color. I hope to make a little video of it changing colors. Stay tuned.

A Productive Day

I sit down to a plate of steam in the bag tortellini. 11/2/10

The national
voting results were a testament to the power of talk shows and Fox news being able to persuade people of average intelligence, that it's patriotic to reject science, history, and education as some sort of socialist conspiracy. Since I haven't the means to combat the Koch brothers and their sponsorship of the right wing crazy train, I wont worry about it too much. I am happy that I live here, in California.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

The Importance Of Empathy Explained

I am fortunate and thankful

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