Monday, November 8, 2010

Reflecting Upon

What A Great Planet

Lassen glows in the last rays of the setting sun. 11/8/10

We had a beautiful blue sky day here in Redding. The mountains showed their new layers of snow as if to say that it's getting to be mitten time again.

The road through Lassen park is closed for the winter and the winter sports enthusiasts are waxing their skis and snow boards in anticipation of the opening of the Mount Shasta ski area.

Before There Was A Swiss Army

1800 year old Roman Army Knife. (Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge, England)

A knife
, spoon, fork, and what ever those other things are, all in one multi tool.

Colors Galore

No matter which way I look, the brilliant fall colors delight. 11/8/10

Up, down, sun or shade, natures beauty finds this avid admirer. 11/7/10

This was the west view while Lassen glowed in the east. 11/8/10

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

  Stand By Me V 2 by Phil Seymour

Life Is Beautiful

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