Thursday, November 11, 2010


This Miracle Called Life

Consciousness is such a fantastic gift we have been given. We have the opportunity to experience this life on earth with an awareness of our senses in such a way that we are able to reflect upon our experiences, and share those observations with others.

Sometimes we forget how fragile and dear life really is, and we think it is important to behave badly.

Throughout our history there have always been a few crazy men who convince those around them to war against the people on the other side of the hill. Their insanity is infectious, and soon there is an army of people who's intentions are to take God's gifts away from the people on the other side. The other people rally to repel the invaders, and the destruction of God's miraculous creations begins.

Some of us get drawn into the insanity of wars, and on this day in particular, we honor those who did. 

Remember the veterans of all nations.

They all fought for what they believed was right.

Does This Look Like Paul Newman?

I wonder if they let these guys out after they put the head on?

Looks like the model for the statue to me.

The worlds largest
statue of Jesus is completed in Poland. I saw some of the pictures, and I thought it looked just like Paul Newman.

France Helps Saudi Military
Saudi Airforce jets over the Persian Gulf. (image - Saudi Defense Ministry)

France helped the Saudi's win a border war in 2009

At first, thousands of desert-trained Saudis backed by heavy artillery was outmatched by the guerrilla tactics of the Huthis, who are more familiar with the craggy peaks and pocket valleys along the border.

Saudi officials asked Washington for satellite images to strike the rebels while minimizing civilian casualties, but US officials refused, fearing it could violate the rules of war by getting involved in a border dispute.

France, fearing mass casualties from inaccurate bombing, agreed to help.  Source, HERE.

New CD From PSB

The CD of songs from last Saturday is finished. 11/11/10

The recordings took a little bit of extra technology to compensate for over modulation, but it was an opportunity to find some more gizmos and features in GarageBand ,( the recording program that comes with a Mac). I also used the method I found on the last recording we made, to split the stereo track into two separate mono tracks using Audacity.

it's time to prepare for Saturday night at the French Gulch Hotel and B&B.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
From Live At The Vintage CD
  Stagger Lee V by Phil Seymour


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