Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who Knows?

Credit: Amir Ezer

Story of attractive owl traits, HERE.

I love coincidences. Especially complex coincidences.

At first I thought it was all about publicity for the new Harry Potter movie.

In India, Harry Potter parties are a threat to owl populations, (STORY).

Harry Potter movie makes 24 million dollars in midnight opening showings.

There's More

A library book called "An Owl Too Many", finds me. 11/18/10

About a week ago
, an owl came to the trees, here at the Treehouse Senior Apartments. I knew this because I heard the wonderful who, who, who-ing of a great horned owl as I was reading in bed one night. I listened to that owl for three consecutive evenings as he, or she was announcing location, and possible availability. I listened closely for an answer to the call, but the nights went by without a reply. The owl was definitely sounding spooky, quavering sad by the third night.

If I could hear another owl answer, I would be able to tell whether this owl was male or female. The female owls have a lower pitch call. The duo, sing a perfect third if they are going to mate. ( I have heard this when I lived along the Carmel River. The call and response as the distant owl comes closer, the space between hoots is reduced until they sing in harmony.)
Object Of Affection?

Gopher scaring owl in Dorothy's garden. 11/19/10

A couple of days ago, I noticed that there was an owl statue in Dorothy's garden. She must have put it there to scare off the gophers, but it got me to thinking; "What if the visiting owl saw the fake owl, and was trying to court it?" That might explain why there was no answering call and why, after 5 days, the owl gave up and moved on to find a more productive relationship. Or not.

I am pretty sure
that the flurry of owl stories in the news were planted by the publicity department for the Harry Potter movie opening, and someone at the library figured because of the movie, it might be a good idea to display books with owls on the cover, but the visiting owl probably didn't read about the Harry Potter movie, so I believe that probably was a coincidence. The gophers in the garden might have been hired by the Potter movie publicists to make Dorothy put the fake owl in the garden so it could attract the real owl, who hooted and subliminally gave more weight to the suggestion to see the movie, caused by the flurry of planted news stories regarding owls that appeared prior to the theatrical release of Deathly Hallows. Or not.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Who indeed

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