Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eye Opening

Wider Perspectives

Portion of a megapixel panorama image of Paris. Big Paris Picture.

I was checking
out some of the stories at Our Amazing Planet and I ran across some terrific panoramic megapixel pictures. You may have seen these type of images before, but in case you haven't, here are a few famous places that you can zoom in to reveal extreme detail. Bigger Is Better.

Safe In The Temperate Zone

Hatchet Ridge wind turbines in the snow. 11/28/10

One of the reasons that the Koch brothers have been able to get away with their anti-global climate change propaganda blitz, is because the continental United States is in a temperate zone. Other parts of the world are already experiencing the consequences of our unregulated industrial greenhouse gas emissions, but the effects on us are less dramatic, for now.

The rest of the world
is taking serious action to try to slow the collapse of societies and food supplies.

As part of the ICSU Earth-System Visioning, the international scientific community has identified five Grand Challenges to enable global sustainability. The full details of the Grand Challenges for Earth-system science have just been published in a report.

Excerpt from the Report;

It is increasingly likely that human interference will trigger highly nonlinear changes in the global environment. Such changes may be abrupt or slow, but in all cases they tend to alter the very character of the life-support system in question and to be largely irreversible on human time-scales. Examples are major shifts in regional climate, rapid collapse of ice sheets, methane release associated with thawing permafrost and warming oceans, and discontinuous transitions in the structure and functioning of biological systems. In turn, disruptive changes in social systems can result from such events, as well as from more gradual environmental changes such when reduced precipitation or degrading soil fertility eventually leads to the creation of environmental refugees. Moreover, an increasingly interconnected world generates linked trends and shocks in seemingly disparate sectors such as energy, finance, food, health, water and security. Public policies and social and economic institutions are rarely designed with such human-induced disproportional changes and regime shifts in mind.

I Love This Place

Colorful foliage behind 'A' building at the Treehouse Senior Apts. 11/28/10

The weather here seems to be the way we expect it to be; Beautiful.

Shasta Bally

Yesterday's snowfall glows atop the mountain to the west. 11/28/10

Today the storm had passed and the temperature warmed up to 50 degrees here in Redding. The mountains above 2,500 feet, remained snowcovered and cold.


Snow remains on the foothills leading up to the volcano. 11/28/10

I hope to share some of this beauty with Marian and Leona when they come here to play in December.

LMP Trio Coming To Reading

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;
Autumn Leaves

Wonderful World Of Color

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