Monday, November 15, 2010

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When I
finally discovered that I was one of the inconsiderate, selfish, myopic masses, I had to ask myself; Were these sociopath-like tendencies part of my heritage? "You bet your home team jersey and logo-ed ball cap they are", says I.

So what changed
me, and how much have I really shed that behavior pattern? I can pinpoint one of the events that precipitated my conversion to the matter of water conservation. It was the result of a time when I depended on a "seep well" for water. If I used up the available water, I would have to wait a day or two until there was any more water. I think I experienced first hand what I would be doing to the next person if I wasted resources, and as a result, I must have awakened a bunch more "mirror-neurons" in my brain.

The next thing you know, I am concerned that I am denying future generations their fair share of the earths bounty. What a leap of enlightenment!

So that is one of the reasons I question the ethics of using every last resource until there is none left for anyone, anymore, anywhere.

Still Falling

Autumn leaves at the Treehouse Senior Apartments. 11/14/10

Fall At The Lake

Mount Shasta behind Lake Shasta. 11/15/10

Boys In Blue

John, Mark and Jeff at the French Gulch Hotel. 11/13/10

Mark felt
we should dress in blue denim work shirts for Saturdays night at French Gulch. I think we will stick with the nicer performance outfits after seeing these pictures.

Dinner Choices

John and Mark get burgers at the French Gulch Hotel. 11/13/10
The stuff with the spoon next to it is my dessert. I ate about half and shared the rest with the band. It was a chocolate fudge brownie ice cream special.

On the ride home I saw a spectacular, slow moving meteor that reminded me that the Leonid meteor showers are appearing all this week, (try the veal).
Just after we finished playing the song, "Hey Baby", someone asked; "Who did that song?"

I couldn't remember at the time, so I just looked it up and I can now say that it was recorded in 1961 by Bruce Channel, with Delbert McClinton playing the catchy harmonica riff. Other people have since made their own recordings of Hey Baby, but I only remember the original, since that was when I started singing it.

Today's Relatively Appropriate Song;

Some Things Change

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