Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ever Unfolding

Always Enlightening

Is a misunderstanding simply a result of an information deficit?

If a sociopath cant feel right and wrong, would reading about it help them to understand what compassion feels like?

I guess I am reacting to the brutish lack of concern for others that seems to be a character trait of the current batch of republicans, (and a few democrats), in the state and federal legislatures.

I am astonished that the republicans can’t come up with a qualified presidential candidate. Is it because an intelligent, dignified, statesman isn’t willing to sell his soul to the party’s corporate owners?

Fall is beginning to show it’s presence in the changing of a few leaves and a couple of degrees cooler nights here in Redding.

I got a Facebook message from a DJ in Jackson, Mississippi who said the streets there are covered with ice.

I also got a Facebook message from Occupy Redding, reminding me to show up around noon at the Chase bank on Cypress, tomorrow.

I will be joining some other people who have absorbed enough information to comprehend that the present course of our financial institutions is eroding the very foundations on which our country grew to become a great democracy.

I like to think that if enough of us, in towns and cities across America, stand together and demand that our President do what we elected him to do, we might put a stop to the corporate takeover of our government.

So I will mill about in front of the Chase bank, with the others who feel the need to stand for what they feel is right, (or stand against what they feel is wrong).

I printed up a homemade sign to carry with my message;

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Love Is Divine

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