Sunday, October 2, 2011

By Jove

I Think

There was a brief, but good article about Swami Vivekananda in the New York Times today. (Yoga article Here)

By ‘coincidence’, I have been writing about the results of my journey on the path of enlightenment, (Here, and, Here).  There are more sites where I write from different angles and attitudes to help me understand and feel comfortable about embracing the infinite, but what is here will suffice, for now.

Explaining the joyful awakening that some would call ‘realizing God’, in terms of my understanding has turned out to be part of my personal process of enlightenment. How can I best describe my experiences of oneness? This has not only helped my focus, but it has encouraged me to expand my graphic design parameters on those other sites where I can use the powerful design tools that can be used with the Apple operating system.

Sometimes I attempt to display some of that artwork here on my Blogspot Phil’s Place, but the conversion process alters the design elements and dilutes the message.

One of these days I will learn a way that keeps all the animations, videos, fonts, colors, links, and transitions ‘alive’ when I import to Google Docs and the Blogger editor, but for now I do what I can, using two basic fonts and a handful of colors.

The reason that I do most of my writing here on this blog, is the functionality of the archives and search features. Google storage and search are ideal for my various needs, (like compiling my autobiography).

Describing what is mostly unexplainable is sort of like re-inventing the wheel. Sages and spiritual persons in the past have some wonderfully brilliant ways to communicate the absence of duality.

“It is a state where the ego and self have been transcended.”

It means everything to one who has ‘been there’, but it’s like describing the mystical, majestic impression one gets from being in proximity to Mt Shasta. To one who has been there and felt it, the words, “mystical and majestic”, will adequately ignite some memories and impressions. When read by those who have not ‘been there’, one must hope that the chosen words are enough to at least spark their imagination.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

A Sea Of Light

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