Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bringing It Forward

Whatever It Is

Halloween is less than a week away, but I am prepared with the same decorations as last year, (all three of them). I have the jack o’ lantern, the all purpose crow, and a ceramic ghostly-pumpkin-snowman, (not shown here).

I stuck the bird on my straw hat for an event here at the Treehouse where people were wearing whimsical hats. Like the time my friend, Jan Collins, stuck a fake canary in her hairdo in 1978 when we went to dine at a fancy restaurant, many people never noticed the crow, at first. I suspect some never did.

Good Pictures

Sometimes, if I am lucky, the light, color, shadow, and other circumstances, all meet at the very moment I press the shutter, ( I wonder why it isn’t called an ‘opener’ since the device, ‘opens’, to let in the light ), and somehow the result is stunningly expressive and vibrant, ( like the pink rose above ). Pictures like that, require very little editing, if any.

The picture of the bee, (above), gorging on nectar was one that benefited from some post production to show nectar dripping from it’s proboscis as it was rising from the honey colored rose.

Food Foto

I wondered how I could express the spicy curry flavor of this lamb vindaloo I had for dinner a couple of nights ago. I tried an effect called burnt edges that seems to do the trick.

Most Colorful Hat

Dorothy, the lady who’s garden produces many of the flowers I photograph, won the ‘most colorful’ hat at the Treehouse Mad Hatter party today. She asked me to take a picture of her and her hat to send to her kids. I did.

I found a new application that is designed to add the effect of a speeding car, or action sports photo enhancement, but I found that by adjusting it a little differently, I can get other types of images to state their messages with impact.

Dorothy’s hat and this LMP Trio rehearsal picture make a clear statement with the specific areas of focus that become possible with the motion focus application. What a great time to have the opportunity to do photography.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;
(This was filmed with a couple of the new iPhone 4s smart phones)


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