Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pretty As A Picture

Imagine That

The plan was to take a sequence of still pictures of the moon rising above Lassen Park and stick them together to make a moonrise video. It turned out nice, even if not according to plan. Spontaneity seems to present me with wonderful results.

I set the camera on a tripod on the trunk of the Buick that I parked by the Treehouse dumpster, so as to get the ideal angle for the moonrise. I took many pictures as I waited, and waited. Just on a whim, I looked around the tree that framed the left of the picture of Lassen Park and saw that the moon had already risen behind the tree.

Earlier in the afternoon, I walked around behind ‘A’ building and took a few dozen pictures of flowers and vegetables, including the tomatillo pictured above.

There were a lot of little fuzzy butterflies that let me get some really fun closeups.

It seemed like an all around, mighty fine day to me. I got a chance to mix a couple of the songs from the band playing at the Redding Fitness event last Thursday. This was a good thing because I had pictures from the arboretum Saturday, that were waiting for my song, It Had 2 B U. The song and slide show are;

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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