Friday, October 7, 2011

Mooning Saturday

All Over The World

Really. You can join with people all over the world who will be looking at the moon, on Observe The Moon Night.

Keeping Up To Date

I have accumulated many ‘keeper’ images over the past couple of days. If I don’t write a blog post, the pictures that I have prepared for this blog just sit on the desktop until I either throw them in the trash because I have new ones for the topics, or I put them on here whether they support the words or not.

The rainstorms that fell on Redding earlier in the week, brought snow to the mountains. I took pictures between storms, (above), and today, (below), after the storms.

Of Course, There Are Flower Pix

Bridge Views

I went down to the Sundial Bridge this afternoon and walked halfway across the bridge and back to find out if I might be physically capable of walking all the way across, (and back). An ‘Occupy Redding’ demonstration starts on the other side of the bridge tomorrow at noon, and I hope to be able to participate.

It’s just one of thousands of events across the country that have grown out of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Shasta Snow

Mt Shasta didn’t fully clear the clouds today, but one could see that it got a nice dusting of snow from the recent storms.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Spacious Skies

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