Sunday, October 23, 2011

In The Pink


I know I am a little tardy with Thursday’s post, however I will attempt to bring my thoughts and imagery back together soon. In the meantime, there are a few items that are rattling around in my head that I would like to share with you.

Friday, I drove to the bay area to shoot some video, and to play music with Marian and Leona.

The video is of Huey White doing his Swami Salami magic and ventriloquist show at the Pinole Senior Village. Marian was invited to be part of the act, and she also agreed to be my extra camera person. Thank you Marian.

I checked out the footage from the three cameras, and the separate sound recordings when I got back Saturday afternoon. It all looks and sounds pretty good. Now I just have to cut it up into little pieces and reassemble the best parts into a dazzling promotional DVD.

The LMP Trio

Marian’s neighbor and long time friend, Jim, took some pictures of the LMP Trio as we played a few tunes Saturday morning. Thank you Jim.

The music was uplifting and empowering, as always when Leona, Marian, and I get together with some wonderfully written songs.

The LMP Trio will be playing in Piedmont on the 31st. I shall be driving down again next Sunday.

It’s actually a pleasant trip, and most of the ride is a form of meditation to me. The only distractions are the occasional, but usually brief, encounters with some drivers who have a deficiency in spacial relationships and comparative velocities as pertains to sharing a highway with other moving objects.

I suspect those drivers are the same people who have difficulty to sharing the planet with other life forms. I consider ways and means to enlighten them in passing, but soon the puzzle fades away in my rear view mirror, the music in my head fills my consciousness, and I regain a meditative state of harmony. Thus, I find the drive to be very refreshing.

The Phil Seymour Band

The Phil Seymour Band - (Photo -  Al Labelle)

I received copies of pictures that were taken by Al Labelle during the October 6 party at Redding Fitness. I like the pictures. The band looks good.

The Phil Seymour Band plays again on November 5th for a Shasta Blues Society event.

And, speaking of fitness;

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Pedal Pushers

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