Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Taking Notes

Putting Them Back

Fibanocci sequence garden symphony

I found this example of the relationship between music and science. It is from a post by;   Brian Roemmele

Albert Einstein stated in no uncertain terms that the Theory of Relativity was a "musical thought" that came to him intuitively.  

Music served Albert in all aspects of his life.  He gave it most importance in his Scientific life.  He started taking Violin lessons at age 5 and later became as proficient at playing the Piano.

He became very passionate for Mozart sonatas. As a teen, he embraced Bach for his "enchanting tone and incomparable rhythm".  Of Bach he once stated "listen, play, love, revere".

Albert felt connected to harmony of music and saw a parallel in just about every aspect of his life.

In 1919 on the day when the General Theory of Relativity was confirmed by photographic methods, Albert celebrated by purchasing a new Violin.

Bio-gas Powered Motorcycle

Japanese bathroom fixture company, TOTO has built this motorcycle for a 600 mile trip as part of the TOTO Green Challenge, which hopes to cut bathroom CO2 emissions in half by 2017.  

The bike actually works. The riders even have a blog for their trip that, thanks to Google Translate, you can sort of read, HERE.

Driveway Rose

This is another beautiful flower from one of the scraggly, driveway roses. I am so glad they just keep on popping out an occasional, colorful flower.

An Escapee Rose

The rose bushes out by the patio were all pruned way back last month. They appear bare at first glance, but deep down in the thorns, a rose or two have managed to avoid being chopped off like the rest. Looking at these thorns, I can see how no one reached in to lop this beauty off the bush.


It’s easy to mistake this cat for Doris’ cat, Baby. They are identical. But Doris tells me that this guy comes around her place to visit, (and get a handout), until Baby chases it away.

The Lumix TZ3 has been up to the challenge of the changing light conditions that the cloudy weather has brought to Dorothy’s garden. I am enjoying the soft colors that the diffused light sends to the 7.2 megapixel sensor. What a magical camera.

These little flowers are growing in front of the office sign.

This geranium shares the same ‘office sign’ planter.


I hope you enjoyed these few observations from today. I know I enjoyed re-observing them in this post. The rain is here. Night has fallen. A warm bed awaits, and a good book is callin’, oh yeah. (Hmmm, maybe I should write songs).

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

It’s A Gas

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