Sunday, September 4, 2011

Exodus 3:14

I Am What I Am

"No matter what ya calls me -- I am what I am an' tha's ALL I yam!"

This is probably the best interpretation of how “God” answered Moses when asked, “What are you?”. Thank you, Popeye.

There are many studies, interpretations, and explanations regarding the exact way to turn, “ehyeh asher ehyeh”, into something understandable in languages used over the past 2,000 years. (Here is one such study)

Coincidentally, today’s Daily Word is; “I Am”.

Time To Look Outside

I shall go forth and scour the world at large and collect some data and images for your entertainment, enlightenment, and enjoyment.

Looking Close Is Best Today

This image demonstrates why today is a great day to look closely at the world around Redding. The vistas are somewhat hazy and hide the details of their enchanting features like Lassen Peak and the mountains in the distance behind this pink rose, (above).

Down In The Thorns

I found this bloom with a drop of dew, deep inside one of the thornier bushes. Since it is one of the last on that bush, one might conclude that rose pickers didn’t think it would be worth the suffering to reach in and pick to put in a vase by the TV at home.

Plenty Of Color

If one lets the colors draw the eye closer, this is a gorgeous day.

I say that because I saw a nice couple drive into the Treehouse parking lot while I was outside taking these pictures. I liked their car. It was a Chrysler, 2 door, sports car looking thing with an opalescent kind of off white color paint job. The tinted windows were only a few inches high, so I am not too sure what they were able to see, but you really have to get out and wander around with eyes open to see a lot of the more beautiful features of this place.

I am sure they missed seeing the bug hiding in the shade on this rose;

I went to the Chrysler website and didn’t find the car I saw. It may be a concept car. It had Oregon plates, as did a Cadillac futuristic sports car I saw on Lake Blvd a few weeks ago. Either way, I am sure the couple in the car were enjoying the cool and comfortable environment inside their car of the future and didn’t relish the thought of stepping out into the 100 degree day, here in Redding.

I could see through the smoke, smog, agricultural dust and pesticide laden haze, well enough to notice some cloud build up over the distant mountains and volcanoes. The weather for Labor Day campers could get interesting.

I will gaze into the incredible structure of this image and look for inspiration, enlightenment, motivation, and a whole lot of things that can be found when contemplating nature, and decide if it’s time to do the bills and plan the budget, even though tomorrow is a holiday.

Doing this simple and satisfying task will help me monetarily to determine whether I should drive to the mountains, or stay close to home, (thereby saving the lives and ecological destruction that it takes to fill the gas tank).

I wonder how a Taoist deals with owning and operating a gasoline powered vehicle?

I really appreciate and enjoy this life I have been given.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

 Write Myself A Letter by Phil Seymour

Life Goes On

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