Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just Ducky

Derby Day

Picture at the end of the countdown

I often forget that I can set the camera to do sports bursts of 5 shots a second when I am taking a shot of a fast flying jet fighter, or a frisky puppy, or even the end of the rubber ducky release countdown.

If I had used the burst mode, or even video, I would have compensated for the slight delay in dumping the ducks, and we would be looking at 7,ooo, (or so), yellow rubber duckies spilling out of the container in the above picture. Next year, maybe.

Come On, Number 26338

A Kenyan duck led the pack within seconds of hitting the water. He was followed closely by a Nigerian duck, and another Kenyan duck. Luckily, 4th place is also considered a winner in the Redding Rubber Ducky Derby and will likely be won by a Colorado duck who happens to be in town visiting his relatives.

If one looks to the right of the leaves, you can see that number 26338 has floated up to 5,433rd place. I still have a chance if a school of hungry trout strike and eat all the ducks in front of good ol’ 26338.

Happy Levitating Children

“The winners will be announced in front of the recreation center”, says a bullhorn amplified voice. This sets the crowd in motion and excited children begin to skip and fly.

Better Than Santa’s Lap?

This rubber ducky event had surprise visitors from Star Wars. It was every bit as awe inspiring for some of them as seeing Santa, or the Easter Bunny.

I thought of putting speech balloons with the thoughts emanating from these wonderfully expressive faces, but it’s better to just let every one of them speak to you personally as you look at the picture.

Seeing her very first Star Trooper

The parents of the twins kept trying to get them to look at the camera. They called them by name, said, “Look over here”, and yelled, “Cheese”. Nothing could take their rapt attention off the white plastic suit guys. Finally, their dad came and led them away, but as they walked off hand in hand, they never looked away from the magical space troopers.

The winners were announced and 26338 was not one of them.

It was a wonderful way to spend part of a Sunday afternoon. The weather was in the cool mid-sixties, and I am certain that the guys in the Star Trooper suits were really glad it wasn’t 111° like it has been on some Redding Ducky Derby weekends.

The clean up of the 7,000, or so, losers, (including number 26338). I am glad I didn’t bet the farm on that rubber duck.

Back Home

The weather was cloudy and cool enough that I could wind down and roll up the heat shields on the balcony, and even open the windows! I took a quick look at the flowers in Dorothy’s garden and saw a couple that were picturesque.

Some of the design structure of flowers is fascinating. How did I not notice these things before? I guess I was saving up some things to discover later, when I get older.

Spider And Web Pic

Interesting layers of different weaves

I have been keeping an eye open, and a camera handy, for one of those perfect orb spider webs, glistening with dew in the morning sunlight, but that hasn’t happened yet. Probably because I would have to be awake and taking a lot of morning pictures so as to increase my chances of finding such a web. It’s an idea. I will sleep on it.

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