Monday, September 12, 2011

Over Here

Or There

Get a snapshot view of NASA's Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite 
(UARS), which will fall to Earth in 2011, in this 
Source: All about our solar system, outer space and exploration

I have been reading as many articles about the falling, school bus sized, 6.5 ton satellite that might be entering the atmosphere in the last week of September. All this information is grist for my song-mill about orbiting space experiments that eventually fall. (I wrote part of the song a few years back when Skylab was falling)

I woke up in the middle of the night with the riff/hook for the guitar, a chorus, and a verse playing in my head. I got up, recorded a quick guitar and vocal of what I had and went back to bed.

I will try it with the blues band later this week. If it works, I will have a song to video record for Playing For Change Day on the 17th.

The weather here in Redding hasn’t been particularly good for taking moonrise pictures, but around sundown, the photons have been energizing the life and colors around me.

The air is also energized to the tune of thunder, lightning, and occasional showers. I went out to take some lightning pictures and movies of tonight’s grand display, but the Lumix stayed in my pocket and out of the rain.

The pictures I took as the sun was setting are enough treasure to have collected to share with you tonight. The rain is pitter-pattering on the patio umbrella as I write this, reminding me of canvas tents and camping in the rain.

The thunder and lightning has been going on for about 3 hours now. I was standing outside, in the middle of the parking lot earlier, watching 360 degrees of lightning activity. It was phenomenal. If it hadn’t been sprinkling I had the camera ready to take a movie while turning round and round, with lighting happening in every direction. It’s probably just as well. Those kind of 360 pan shots can be dizzying.

As you can see, the colors were vibrant around sunset. It must have been all the electrical charges building up for the big show.

Ginger had her poodle out for a walk in the last of the sun, and you could see her glowing, (The poodle, not Ginger).

The storm has become less intense, but the rain still patters on the parasol, punctuated periodically by a flash of lightning and peal of thunder. I checked the radar on weather underground, and the storm seems to have fewer red splotches, but still some yellow areas in the green as it continues to come from the north, northeast on a line from Burney to Corning.

The rain washed breeze is wafting through my little apartment carrying the refreshing scent of all these flowers I was taking pictures of earlier.

The hardy little rose shrub along the driveway added a couple more roses to my wonderment and image collection.

This is what it looks like. Just a little scrawny thing, but it has been producing roses in various colors, shapes, and sizes all year long. Just when I think it’s finished, it makes another beautiful flower.

The rain has stopped, the lightning and thunder is moving farther away, and all I can hear mostly is the roar of the refrigerator as it nears the end of it’s compression cycle.

I think I shall sleep well tonight, unless of course, the rest of the song materializes in my dreams and I am compelled to get up, write it down, and record it.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Perchance To Dream

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