Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sky Watching

Camera Ready

Doris’ blooming cactus bloom

I was lucky to have been told that Doris had flowers on her cactus today. The last time it was blooming I was tardy and the bloom was off the cacti. This time I wasn’t late.

I even went back a few minutes later and took some more shots with a white background. It was a fine day for cactus blossoms.

The Fresher Roasted Beans

This week I tried some coffee beans from a new, relatively local, coffee roasting company. Northbound Coffee Roasters located in Mount Shasta. They had some of their beans at our local health food store, so I dug through the little 120z sacks and found one that was stamped, “roasted on August 16”. I tried it, and I like it. The aromatic freshness makes a flavorful cup using fewer beans in the grinder.

The driveway rose makes more blooming buds.

Fewer beans, and a medium grind produces some of the sweetest coffee one can brew. It also offsets the higher price of fresh roasted organic beans from a small, local coffee company. If I can afford it, I plan to take the 1 hour drive up to scenic Mt Shasta to get some same day fresh roasted beans, maybe even wade in the waters of Lake Siskiyou, take many pictures, and shoot some video, too.

Sundial Bridge

Even if I don’t have the gas to get up to Shasta this week, there are plenty of beautiful sights and exciting events going on within a 5 minute drive.

Sundial Bridge

This weekend is the air show, (minus one p-51 Mustang and pilot). I have been invited to watch the show from Sandi’s mother’s backyard air show barbecue, guaranteed to be 20 degrees cooler than out on the airport pavement.

Sundial Bridge

On Saturday, at Lake Redding, it’s the annual Rubber Ducky Derby. Another great photo opportunity close to home, (about a minute drive).

Look. Up In The Sky

As the crows fly over the Treehouse Apartments

The UARS 6.5 ton space lab is expected to de-orbit in a fiery display somewhere over the earth on Thursday, (probably). If it happens where I can see it, I will have my cameras ready.

I recorded the band playing the song I wrote for falling satellites when we played last Saturday. The dancers participated in the, ‘call and response’, as well as improvising a dance to go with the song.

After a little post production, I managed to upload it to Soundcloud this evening so I could post it here as the song of the day. I even put together some cover art this evening as well. I hope you enjoy this blues tribute to falling satellites everywhere, (and when).

Artwork for falling satellite song

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

 What Goes Up by Phil Seymour

Coming Soon

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