Saturday, September 10, 2011

Falling SpaceLab

Somewhere, Sometime In October

Learn much more at the UARS website

“Satellite debris could be scattered across an area 500 miles long. NASA figures that about 1,170 pounds of the 6.5-ton research bird (decommissioned 6 years ago) will get sprinkled across the planet.”

Look Out Below!

Composite photo credits; (Moon - Me, last night), (UARS - NASA).

The question of where, or when won’t be answered until just before the event occurs in October. Further information from a CSM article that addresses the decline of UARS.

Farmers Market, Civic Center

I usually miss the Saturday Farmers Market because it’s over just about the time I get up and going. But today I was awakened early by a phone call from a company that protects the card that goes with my bank account. So I got there 10 minutes before they closed at the crack of noon. Just in time to get a little half size pumpkin pie.

The voice on the phone had said something about questionable activity and press any key to continue. I pressed the end button and put my head back down on the pillow for what ever length of time it took me to digest that there may be someone using my secured credit card. Of course there was no going back to sleep with that partial information running around in my head.

Cool Place To Be

I got up, nuked a cup of last night’s coffee, read the Daily Word, and checked my account on line. Sure enough, there was a charge for Netflix.

I generally watch a movie every 6 months, so there was no way I had signed up for a monthly movie service, and the people that watch over my account were right on top of it. I called Netflix.

Cold Water

A north state native cools her feet in the bone chilling river.

The guy at Netflix looked at his data and notified their fraud department, (who knew they had one?), took some information, made a report, stopped the service, and said they would be sending me reports explaining what all they were doing to make this right. He said I should call back the person who woke me up to find out if there was more activity indicating identity theft.

Apples By The River

I told the Netflix guy I didn’t know the number for the card protection people who woke me up at 8:15 in the morning. He, very nicely, said the number would be on the back of my card. I thanked him, answered a quick survey question, (everybody has a survey these days), and warmed up another cup of leftover coffee.

Naked Lady On Nancy Street

I spoke to two very nice ladies who worked for the protection agency and their fraud department. They were very helpful and enjoyed talking with me about iTunes and the new Beatles #1 hits album that I told them I purchased with my card, (It was a good thing I told them because they were going to deny payment on that charge).

The second lady I spoke with, told me, as she looked at the data on her monitor, it appeared there was someone who had been trying to make purchases with my card for the past 4 months, but that they had some wrong information entered and the purchases were denied. Wow! I had no idea that there were these nice people protecting my account from some lost soul who had slipped into the sad state of unscrupulous behavior.

Only 106° at 3:45p

So, with their experienced, competent, and friendly assistance, we went through some of of the charges in question and she explained what irregularities caused them to question the veracity of the entity making the purchase, and we cancelled that card.

A Cool 79° Inside

The card protection people said they would be sending me a new card and reports on what action they were taking to further protect me, and would I mind staying on the line for a quick survey. They seemed pretty confident that they could easily identify and locate who was using the card. I thanked them for their help, stayed on the line, and answered the survey questions. (I hope I don’t need to buy stuff for a week or so.)

So there I was, awake early on a Saturday morning, feeling warm and fuzzily protected. I went out into the cool 98 degree morning, checked out a few garage sales, got to the Farmers Market before closing time, cooled off by the river, took a picture of a naked lady I saw on Nancy Street, and came back to this wonderful place that I call home.

I hope the unfortunate misguided miscreant isn’t someone I know. That would be kind of sad, I think.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

What A World

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