Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day

Thanking Union Workers

Honoring the men and women who built America.

What a place! The river is magnificent and cool on these 102 degree evenings.

The ducks and geese really like the river, too.

Of course one can always drive 10 minutes on the back roads and get to Whiskeytown Lake. Right here in Redding, is a great place to spend Labor Day weekend.

I took the Whiskeytown Lake pictures yesterday around 6:30p.

This evening I enjoyed the flowers in the back yard. What fascinating structures.

I even managed to get a hummingbird in one of these pictures.

In case you don’t see it at first;

I hope you all have a safe and pleasant holiday.

For my readers in other countries, Labor Day was initiated here in 1882, to prevent nationwide riots of protest after U.S. Marshals and Military killed workers at the Pullman factory who were striking for fair wages and safe working conditions. This was a turning point in the growth and overall economic health of America.

Unions persuaded industrialists to implement fair wages, 8 hour work days, 40 hour work weeks, vacations, medical and dental plans, overtime pay, and retirement packages. Some people can call those the good old days.

Today we live in interesting times. We are making ever increasing strides forward in medicine, technology, space exploration, science and art. At the same time we are going backward in diplomacy, freedom, civility, tolerance, and education.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

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