Friday, September 9, 2011

105 Degrees

And I Like It

When the Redding summer is in full swing, ( folks around here think it may have finally arrived ), the flowers can be brilliant.

Dorothy recently gave her flowerbeds a thorough and deep watering. A day or two later, they are revived and vibrant.

I was here, and fortunate enough to get a few pictures of some of these flowers looking their best before their blooming time is up and they become part of the process that converts them into next years garden dwellers.

The other night,  before I was playing and singing at the Shasta Blues Society Thursday Jam, I heard someone complaining about their circumstances.

I was compelled to point out the obvious; Things have been, and still could be, worse. We have it good.

This little bud is on one of the “driveway” rose bushes. The little scruffy bush that produced this, and other colorful blooms, is a testament to tenacity. It continues to be beautiful despite the brutal conditions it must endure.

The mountains were rising in the western sky and  just about to swallow the sun. South of the Border was playing in my head. The temperature was about 105 and the light was just right for a sleepy Mexican village.  Actually this was a sleepy Mexican/Spanish/Indian village a couple hundred years or so ago.

I took a couple of fun moon pictures over the past evening, or two. The Lumix TZ3 is beginning to reveal more of it’s secret abilities as I get to know it better. I didn’t expect so much detail and clarity. What a nice surprise.

I wonder if the latest moon mission finally took off. It should provide some interesting scientific data about our moon that we don’t yet know.

I may have to dust off my old Skylab song and change it to be about the latest giant satellite that is about to plummet into the earth’s atmosphere, somewhere. The refrain to my song was; “Oh yeah, it’s falling. Yeah it’s falling. They say it’s falling, but they don’t know where”, (Repeat).

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

What Goes Up...

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