Friday, September 23, 2011


Scientists Say Definitely Maybe

There is one scientist in Japan that is pretty sure UARS will enter the atmosphere and fall about 1:00pm PDT. Some others are not as willing to be so accurate with their estimations, but the consensus is probably sometime Friday.

Blooming Cactus

The cactus outside of Doris’ apartment bloomed again today, (Thursday), with pink flowers. I took a lot of pictures. I like them all. They are fun to play with.

Tonight was the Shasta Blues Society jam at Lulu’s. I thought I would just drop in, sing a few songs and be on my way. Instead I got to sing and play for an hour. I included the satellite song. After tomorrow I have to wait until the next one falls to make the song topical once more.

I spent a few hours last night playing with some of the image and graphics applications I have been accumulating.  A few new greeting cards came out of that session, plus some further discoveries to add to my artists palette.

Like ‘painting’ a cactus flower on old parchment, without paint or parchment, using software and the Macbook touchpad.

My house guest moved out Thursday evening.

Sunshine, the parakeet, is now in an aviary filled with a variety of resident avians. I knew that the perfect situation would develop if I was patient.

A little butterfly on a flower.

Lassen in the warm evening sun.

We have been enjoying 100+ degree daytime temperatures, with nights that have been cooling down to a chilly 70 by midnight. Soon I will have to wear shoes and long pants. Maybe even a long sleeved shirt!

Plenty of color continues in Dorothy’s garden.

I am not comfortable with a pet or person in my personal space, yet. (I stopped wallowing in grief and self pity a couple of years ago, but I am still not ready.)

An enchanted look at Whiskeytown Lake.

Once again, I can open the patio door without worrying about a draft on the bird. Or get up in the middle of the night to write or read with out wondering if I am creating some sort of sleep deprivation neurosis by waking the bird at odd hours. This list of concerns goes on because I feel the responsibility to have a positive effect on beings that share my home.

One More Cactus Picture

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Looking Up

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