Sunday, September 11, 2011

Harvest Moon

In Hiding This Evening

About 15,000 feet below this cloud top, probably was the Harvest Moon.

The smoke and haze made for an interesting sunset in the west, but to the east, where the moon was rising, it was thick with dark clouds and thunderheads. Oh well, I will see if I can get a picture later when the moon is high.

Glowing Kitty

Momma cat and genetically engineered, glow in the dark kitten.

Cats that can glow in the dark from a new genetic engineering technique are helping scientists study molecules that could stop AIDS, Mayo Clinic researchers announced today. (More Story Here)

Muted Light

While I was wandering around the parking lot, around sunset, I noticed that the light was effecting the color of this rose. It just seemed to be glowing, even though it wasn’t in direct sunlight. I wondered if the Lumix TZ3 would capture that color. After seeing the results, I would have to say that it did.

Sci-Fi Sunflower

This sunflower that I have been photo-chronicling these past months, just gets stranger and stranger. I am guessing that it has begun to form seeds. Fascinating stuff.


This is me going to get a piece of pie after watching the exciting last quarter of the 49er’s game.

What could be better than celebrating with pumpkin pie and ice cream?

A brief thunder and lightning show?

Today’s Relative Video;

Just Dandy

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