Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Loose Connections

Bit’s Are Missing

I have been getting more than the usual requests for help and answers, today.

I am really happy that I can help, and am flattered that some people feel that I can assist them with answers or know-how.

Today started with a call from someone who could get one of my DVD’s to play on on their computer. He said it worked fine with their DVD player and TV set, but they couldn’t get past the title page when they used their PC.

I told him I would make a couple of new DVD’s without titles, or menu items, and send those, but first I would make sure they worked on a Windows machine.

I went ahead and burned a couple of simple DVD’s and took them down to the office to see if they worked on Erma’s computer. They did. But just out of curiosity, I tried one of the versions that had the menu items on it, guessing that there was probably some convoluted, multi step, Microsoft way to get a DVD with menus, to play.

After I figured it out, I called back and talked him through the process. It was just a matter of moving the cursor onto the picture of the movie. Once it was on the picture it turned into a little hand and then one should click. That takes you to the secondary menu where one moves the cursor to the picture of the movie until it turns into a hand. Then click, and the movie begins. I am so glad I have a Mac.

As the day went on, I was asked to assist a couple more people who were lost in the cumbersome, contrary Windows operating system. I helped as best as I could.

People called me on the phone for various kinds of help, and I did my best to provide some sort of assistance. It became interesting when some people were assuming I knew it was them.  It would have been helpful in diagnosing and suggesting remedies, to know who I was talking to, but no one was giving their name, or if they were, it was garbled by some lost electrons in the phone-o-sphere.

Today has been a wonderful, wacky, comedy of miscommunication and erratic timing.

I am so fortunate to be in the midst of all this.

Everyone should be so lucky. What entertaining and enlightening fun.

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