Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Has Fell

And The Satellite, Too

I followed on line, and outside staring at the starry, though somewhat hazy, sky. I probably wouldn’t have been able to see it through the smoke from the fire over in Trinity county even had it disintegrated directly overhead, but it was fun trying.

Pie Quest

A slice of Raley’s bakery apple pie.

The search for the perfect apple pie continues. So far, I keep coming back to the Raley’s that is just an arrows flight from my balcony, (no need to quiver, I am just guessing).

Two people suggested I try Marie Calendars, so I did.

I will be returning their pie tomorrow, uncut and uneaten. I went to take the pie out of the box, only to get my fingers greasy where I touched the bottom of the pan.

I put the pie back in the box, washed the grease off my hands, looked at the clock, saw it was too late to return the Marie Calendar pie, so I went over to Raley’s and got a non-greasy apple pie that I could eat.
Just writing about the slime on the bottom of the pie pan is making my finger tips feel greasy. I think I will take a quick break to wash my hands and wipe off the keyboard.

The flowers around the Treehouse were colorful and delightful as usual. Dottie has been doing some renovation and improvements to her garden in preparation for planting the winter and spring bloomers. She is also making the topsoil layer deeper for next years  vegetables.

Whatever she has been doing, it has turned out nice for me and picture taking.

Driveway Rose Still Blooming

Air Show Preview

One of the aircraft that have been flying over Redding.

Tomorrow we have the Redding Air Show. I will be going to a barbecue to watch the Blue Angels perform. Sandi Taylor’s mother lives right next to the airport so they watch the show from the comfort of their backyard. We will have the additional activity of the fire fighting tankers that may be needed to quell the fire burning in the marijuana plantation area of Trinity county.

Going To Seed(s)

The sunflowers, that I have been chronicling with images this season, are just about done. Once they have completed their cycle, I will string together the series of pictures I have been taking of them growing up, looking good, and growing old. I will probably write and record a song to play under the slide show/movie and see how it turns out.

You might remember the following Bach piece was played by one of the violists that is heard playing in the John Harrison viola e-book that I have almost completed. Here, Bach’s Suite No. 3 is performed by a young viola player I have been following on YouTube. (I wonder how she would sound playing the John Harrison viola?)

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

As It Is

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